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ovulation test opinions please??

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dottydee3 Wed 24-Aug-16 18:48:53

I'm not used to looking at these really, but usually the test line is really pale for me. Any experienced ladies please give your opinion
Many thanks smile

loztredders Wed 24-Aug-16 21:51:25

Test line needs to be equal to or stronger than the control line so this test is negative but keep testing because it might turn positive in a day or two!

dottydee3 Thu 25-Aug-16 08:13:00

Ok that's I'll see what tonight's says

dottydee3 Thu 25-Aug-16 16:07:28

Just done another one and is negative so maybe I didn't ovulate or I missed it
Thanks for your help anyway smile

dottydee3 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:18:44

And today...

MrsGsnow18 Thu 25-Aug-16 22:13:30

I'd treat it like positive and gave sex definitely today! Especially if it's the darkest you've got.
It could end up darker but that won't matter as better to have sex everyday leading up to Ovulation as sperm can live for 5 days anyway!

dottydee3 Fri 26-Aug-16 19:48:19

Excuse the potty in the background , it is clean blush

MrsGsnow18 Fri 26-Aug-16 20:12:54

Definitely look positive to me!

dottydee3 Fri 26-Aug-16 21:06:25

Thanks MrsG
Now to see what happens smile

lucylou1234 Sat 27-Aug-16 11:58:24

hi sorry to but in but where did u get your ovulation tests from ? i got new ones but they dont seem to be working just the same as m previous ones x

dottydee3 Sat 27-Aug-16 17:50:18

Access diagnostics co uk

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