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Don't know who to ask in real life!

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Fairylights0508 Wed 24-Aug-16 14:09:40

My first post here so apologies if this whole post makes no sense!
So my husband and I are in the sort of TTC , by that I mean my coil has been removed but still using condoms. Two weeks ago we had sex using a condom but I'm fairly sure it split, this weekend I had sharp pains on the left of my abdomen and then what I thought was my period started the next day (Sunday). On Sunday I was (sorry TMI) bleeding heavily but by Monday it was very faint & very pink, nothing on Tuesday & then pink spotting today. Also feeling nauseous and my skin went mental for a bit, seems to have calmed down again. Have taken a pregnancy test but came up negative. Just a bit confused, my periods are very regular, usually last around 6 days and the coil I was on was the copper one so everything went straight back to normal.
Don't feel like I can talk to family or friends about this as I could just be being silly! Thoughts?

plutoisnotaplanet Wed 24-Aug-16 14:19:14

When you say you're "sort of TTC" but using condoms, do you mean you've had your coil removed and you're hoping for an "accident" to happen because your DP hasn't committed to TTC totally?

I'm not judging you, I had my implant removed last night and part of me is hoping for a happy accident too smile Difference is that DP wants a baby and we've agreed not to use any precautions at all. If you're still using condoms it suggests this isn't the case for you.

You could be pregnant depending on where you were in your cycle and how "sure" you are that the condom split...

physicskate Wed 24-Aug-16 14:28:10

I had my copper coil removed in November. On the copper coil, periods were 10 days with a one day break after day 5... Heavy before the break, spotting after the break.

Post coil, my period lasts about two and a half days. Medium to light throughout.

So, things can really change taking out the copper coil.

It may have been implantation bleeding, but this tends to be more like spotting for many women. You are unlikely to get a positive test result until a few days after implantation, if using an early test.

Also, either the condom split (which is pretty obvious as they completely rip) or it was ok, but as you have discovered condoms are not fool-proof contraception!

It sounds like, either way, you should have a conversation about TTC to make sure you are both on the same page!

Fairylights0508 Wed 24-Aug-16 15:48:56

Thanks for replying - really appreciate that! It is a slightly complicated situation re TTC, we are both on the same page, agreed that I should take out my coil (had it taken out in May) and we were all set to start practicing when the offer on our flat fell through & my husband slightly panicked a bit as he wants everything to be perfect & in place before we start trying which I understand so we decided to start using condoms as didn't want to have to put another coil in & take it out in a few months (plus didn't want to have to go through the settling in period pain with a coil again!).
My periods haven't changed since the coil was taken out - keeping hopes up that if this isn't a little one that I will have nice super short ones from now on!
The only reason I think it ripped (couldn't really see) is because - super TMI - when I took it off DH it leaked everywhere and not from the place it was supposed to.
As you said Pluto I wouldn't mind a happy accident but I guess will just have to be patient and wait & see. From what I read about implanting bleeding I think the 1st day of bleeding was too heavy - oh well more practicing wrapped up!!
Feels a lot better having talked to someone about it smile

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