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Luteal phase spotters - please come together and share

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Broody2016 Tue 23-Aug-16 16:07:16

I am a spotter and also new on mumsnet. Here is my story:

TTC since January 2016 (December stopped microgynon). January - March my cycles were all over the place, but since April my cycle are 30days and i think i ovulate CD17 on most cycles +/- 1 day. I do not temp and only use OPk's and get pimples and painful ()() and sensitive (.)(.) right after ovulation. So for me these three are the biggest sign that i have ovulated. These three signs remain with me until around 2 days before my AF shows up.

The problem i am dealing with all my cycles so far is the incessant spotting (brown, brown clear, very little stringy brown ...sorry TMI) for 3-4 days before my AF starts every month. However, this cycle is different in many ways:
1) this cycle the spottings started very early on CD25 (should be 8 dpo) with slight occasional stitches in my left pelvic area, similar to ovulation cramps. So, 6 days before impending AF;
2) my (.)(.) stopped being sensitive on CD 25 (should be 8 dpo) and again they never do until CD27/28;
3) Also, my pimples cleared up on CD26 (should be 7 dpo) which they do not until CD27-28;
4) my ()() stopped hurting on CD21 (should be 4 dpo) which do not stop hurting until CD 28;

Above all this Yesterday (CD 27/ 10 dpo) my lower abdomen area had burning sensation along with cramps, i though the AF would arrive early, even though the burning was new for me. Woke up today with no pain, no burning and just very slight brown, clear brown spotting

Note: for the spotting i have got the blood test and ultrasound. Everything came out as normal. My GP does not seem very concerned and says this should not interfere with my TTC plans.

That is it for now. I'll keep you all posted if i get a BFP. So far i do not feel very positive. sad If you have any insight please do reply. I might be in need for some encouragement in a few days when AF shows her face! :'(

I would like to hear your story and give and get support through this thread.

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