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Brown Watery Spotting day before AF due with symptoms but BFN

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MrsS82 Tue 23-Aug-16 15:57:10

I'm looking for some advice/reassurance/hope/reality check please?

2nd month TTC #2, I'm currently 12 dpo expecting AF tomorrow. I've been tracking symptoms past two months to stop me going crazy, however this months symptoms very different from last. Near constant mild cramping and twinges since 3dpo a few others such as change in taste, coffee tastes bitter, beef yesterday tasted rancid although in date. Rib ache, occasional waves of tiredness mid afternoon. Doesn't amount to much but almost the same as when pregnant with DS and we conceived cycle 2 with him.

Anyway tested this morning BFN on Internet cheapie, then sometime between 9am-11am I had a little brown watery spotting/discharge on my underwear, nothing when I wiped and nothing since. Initially I assumed AF was starting but this is not normal for me, usually go straight into heavy flow. I was so sure something was different this month but now I think I'm clinging onto hope as I read that 'spotting' can occur around time AF is due but can still be pregnant.

Anything similar happen with you that resulted in a BFP?

KittyWindbag Wed 24-Aug-16 03:41:17

This happens to me every month since I came off the pill to try and conceive. I never used to get this before the pill, although it's been years and years.

Every month I still manage to get hopeful, thinking it's implantation spotting but it hasn't been so far sad

I advise you to wait a couple days, and then do another test if your AF doesn't start.

Good luck, I really hope you get what you want smile

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