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TTC after D&C, could I be pregnant again? Too early to tell?

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user1471905879 Tue 23-Aug-16 02:26:39

I'm sorry if this isn't in the correct place, I'm new to this site but I'm needing some opinions smile

Hello! So about 10 weeks ago I had a D&C due to a Molar pregnancy, I would just like to add that my D&C went great and my levels dropped instantly with my first testing, second testing and they were still low, so showed no signs of any problems and that my body responded well..

Now 10 weeks down the line, myself and my partner felt like since my body reacted well, that my body sort of was telling me, now I would ask that no one comments on my Molar pregnancy, as everyone is different and I know a few people who have fell pregnant within the first 3/4 months and now have healthy children.

One of my biggest problems with my last pregnancy was that my stomach hurt so bad when I act and I always got this sicky feeling in my throat, it was the worst! It's actually a common sign in MP, anyway. About a week, probably not even that I told my partner that my stomach was hurting, actually probably a few days ago, I would eat and instantly regret doing so, I had this sicky feeling back, but to be fair it's not constant anymore, comes now and there. I've got it now, I'm not hungry or thirsty either so I know its not that.

The other day I had a lot "pain" which wasn't like actual pain, more like pressure and annoying pain around the place where you would usually get period pain, it went on for about an hour and went away, a few days ago I got it at night and didn't think anything of it. I also feeling my stomach, inside stretching. Now with my MP, my uterus stretched nearly triple the size of what it should of done, I have heard that second pregnancy is happens faster so maybe that's what the pain could possibly be?

My last period was July 30th (2016) and I am 5 days away from my next period. Last time I found out Thursday (Due on the saturday) but only noticed the two lines the morning after, as I did them at like 1am and was sleepy and only looked for like 10 seconds. I didn't have any signs or anything, we were trying for 2 months, well actually I had one period and the second didn't come, so I'm kind of thinking maybe it's a sign? The D&C happened on the Saturday, I got my period 5 weeks which was the Saturday, maybe I don't get this period this Saturday?

I am trying my hardest not to think about it, as I feel I could make things up and trick myself, I'm trying to refrain from testing. But it's 12am, and I have that sicky feeling in the back of my throat again, I don't want to drink as I'll be up all night peeing.

Any how, any ladies think I could possibly be pregnant? Or just my mind?

* We had unprotected sex a week after my D&C and never used protection, still to this day.*

physicskate Tue 23-Aug-16 11:03:18

If you have been having unprotected sex, there is the possibility you are pregnant. It sounds wise to wait maybe a couple more days and then test with an FRER.

I'm really sorry that you've had to go through all of this. flowers

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