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TTC 1st baby

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user1471557403 Mon 22-Aug-16 20:23:28

Hey I'm new here waves. I've been a stalker for a little while, ever since I heard about the penis beaker thread grin 😂.

I've recently had my implant taken out, 1 full cycle and now today should be the last on the 2nd. Me and hubby started TTC last cycle, so praying it's worked this month! Did a test earlier, it's amazing how our eyes play tricks on us when we want that little line to appear!! I had some dreadful pregnancy type symptoms when I came off the implant, but this month it feels more 'real' somehow. I did a test with just a cheapy one today, convinced one minute I see a line and the second I don't, who knows!! Forgot to do my BBT today and am now at work on nights, boo!! So I can't see from that.

I hate this waiting game!!

Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust for everyone else in my position!


cakesandphotos Mon 22-Aug-16 21:29:08

Hi, welcome! I'm TTC #1 too smile on cycle 8 after some complications! I'm currently 3 days late and having some weird symptoms/feelings so hoping this is our month!
If you post a photo on here of the test, you can get a second opinion on the line.
I'm too scared to test at the moment, I don't want to be disappointed again.
Sending baby dust your way!

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