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Migraines and tender ovaries aching for a week?? Is this normal or am I broken?

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BoBo90 Mon 22-Aug-16 20:10:52

Hi ladies smile just looking for a bit of advice from anyone with similar symptoms. I've been ttc for 10 months now so not new to the hell wonder that is ttc and I know my cycles pretty well now smile

I normally get quite achey during ovulation for a couple of days to a week. This week however has been horrendous! My ovary area is so tender to touch and aches if I move. Well they actually ache pretty much all the time but it's more intense when moving about.
Is this normal? Does anyone else get this with normal functioning ovaries or could it be a problem? I have a dr's appointment at the beginning of September but just want to know if I should go in pushing for a scan or not be too worried when they most likely tell me it's nothing and send me on my way!

I've also had a really bad migraine today and thinking back the only time I had similar migraines was during what should of been my fertile week although I don't believe I ovulated that cycle in the end. Do you think it's possible my body struggled to ov on both occasions and it is linked to migraines??? Or pure coincidence? Anyone had similar?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions but any help or insight on the matter would be much appreciated grin

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