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TWW driving me CRAZY!

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Letswaitandsee Sun 21-Aug-16 17:20:29

Hey, I'm in the midst of the dreaded TTW. I think I ovulated 5 days early so predicting when to test is tricky.

I don't have any note worthy implantation symptoms other than a teeny tiny bit of spotting yesterday morning. My guess is I'm 7 dpo if my CM and ovulation pain are accurate indicators (which they generally are).

I hope I'm onto sometime with the spotting. My last two pregnancies ended in early miscarriage but as painful as they were I want to give it one last chance. I'm 43 and really dearly want one more before it's too late. I have two grown up DC from a previous relationship and the experience was kinda wreaked by their father. I'd love to have a child in an environment that is more relaxed so I can soak up the good bits I missed out on with my DC.

givingitago85 Mon 22-Aug-16 05:27:51

So sorry to hear about the miscarriages. flowers
I am in the TWW too, trust me, you aren't alone, I feel like it's driving me crazy too. I am a professional woman with a good job and am usually very rational and am now completely obsessed with checking my fertility app, reading up on consistency of discharge and already thinking about a birthing plan...loony!! smile
But, eventually it will all be worth it!

Letswaitandsee Mon 22-Aug-16 22:30:27

Hey Giving.

I genuinely think the TTW is torture. hmm

Have you had any symptoms that have grabbed your attention yet? The only thing I'm feeling is right sided cramps. They've been going on for a couple of days now and way to early for AF. I might try and resist the urge to poas until after I'm due on which is 10 days away. My cycle is like clockwork atm at 28 days so if I'm right about oving really early it's going to be definitive.

How many DPO are you?

givingitago85 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:26:29

I'm 9 dpo and AF due on Saturday, stupidly POAS last night, which was neg....just couldn't help myself!
Tired, but of spotting which is very unusual for me, but that's about it. Just holding out until sat!!

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