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positive news?

(3 Posts)
Charll Sun 21-Aug-16 13:04:42

hello mummies,
im currently trying for our second child.
ive had horrible cramps, feeling sick (with nearly being sick twice and actually sick once), backache, horrible dizziness... so all the signs and symptoms. the cramps started a week after 'hopeful' conception, and seemed to have got stronger but they are every now and again, apart from two days where i had them consistently with the sickness. the sickness feeling started around the same time and so did the dizziness. ive tried not reading into it too much as i tested and said negative at around 9 DPO. thought maybe it was a bug? because surely all those things wouldnt come at once? but then this week before my due date for period ive started getting tender tingly breasts. this last 2/3 days have been the worst of them - they feel uncomfortable and irritable. i feel like i need to keep messing with them to get them comfy in my bra! i know you can get tender boobs a few days before a period but i have never had problems with tender boobs for periods. so again not reading too much into it i carried on. but then yesterday i noticed when i was in the bath that my nipples have made a purple colour ring with some purple veins and the areolas have little pimple like spots on them... they become more noticeable and seem to 'harden' more when cold air hits them ( when im getting dressed etc). is this a sign? i am a day late now but im too nervous to test because of the last time. i don't know how long to leave it before forking out £10/£15 for a set of 2 tests. wanted to know if anyone else has experianced anything similar and what they're out come was? i also had an odd period last month when we started trying, light bleeding for 2 days heavy for 2 days and then light for another day. im normally very heavy and only on for an average of 4 days so that made me wonder aswell.

thankyou smile

lousylear Sun 21-Aug-16 18:19:02

I'm same as you. Cd 27. Boobs agony, feeling sick, dizzy, hungry and tired all the time. Boobs have doubled in size (usually quite small) and nipples darker/firmer. Due on Tues. Going to test tomorrow with fmu. FX for us both.

Charll Sun 21-Aug-16 21:11:42

oooh i hope you get the positive result!
ive had a light bleed today, around dinner time. nothing on pad just slight when i wipe. sometimes pink sometimes lighter red. as i said in originally post i had the same sort of bleed last month (different from usual sins i was 16 ive always just come on heavy). i have been again to check and nothing on pad and nothing when i wipe so im gonna see how i go tonight and then get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow and tell them i came in last month with the same bleeding problem, and see if they'll send me for a scan because i cant have blood tests.

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