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Is this another chemical?

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CoffeeAndTea Sun 21-Aug-16 09:22:56

I had a CP a few months back - got a faint bfp 14dpo in morning, stronger one in evening, then the next day had bright red watery bleeding which stopped after 2 days. Tested after bleeding stopped and got a bfn.

Fast forward to this month, I "felt" pregnant and got to 13dpo with no sign of AF (I've never made it past 11dpo apart from the previous CP). At 13dpo I had cramps all day, headache, dizziness and nausea. I had to leave work early to go home and lie down. Later that evening I had sharp stabbing pains in my lower abdomen which were sudden and random. First thing next morning I had full force AF with terrible cramping. Because AF was late and I had pregnancy symptoms I decided to POAS and got what I think was a very faint positive. The heavy bleeding and cramping continued all day and the next day. My normal AF starts off light then turns heavy-ish for one day, and the cramps are usually mild. This was different.

Anyway I've attached my test pics from the first and second day of bleeding. I'm quite sure the first is a very light positive but unsure if the other is just an evap line? Bleeding has slowed now. I'm out of tests but can't see myself still being pregnant.

Has anyone else had multiple CP's? Have your experiences differed? If this is a CP then it's completely different this time round. First time was less painful with less blood and no clots. This time cramps leading up to and during, and heavy bleeding with clots.

CoffeeAndTea Sun 21-Aug-16 09:25:22

My pics seem to have attached the wrong way round. The one with the clearer line is the first test

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