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TTC no 3

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JohnCrane Sat 20-Aug-16 19:33:29

I've been trying to conceive no 3 for 9 months now (having sex every other day pretty much consistently). Just devastated to have AF again today. First two were so easy, we're still young, can't understand why it won't happen. Trying to stay chilled out about it but finding it really hard. Is it time to look at speaking to GP?

BoBo90 Sat 20-Aug-16 19:41:34

I'm 10 months into ttc no 1 so I know it is super frustrating. As you already have two I'm not sure the gp will be willing to help just yet. They normally want you to try for a year before investigating but as you are able to have children they may want you to try for longer. It doesn't hurt to ask though and at least you know you've done it before so should be able to do it again smile sometimes these things just take time x

JohnCrane Sun 21-Aug-16 17:47:45

Thanks smile

Should I start on all the charting and temp taking. I don't know if I'm maybe just not ovulating?

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