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Want another baby but really shouldn't!

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TheEdgeIsNigh Sat 20-Aug-16 18:09:49

We have 3 already. I love being pregnant, but my body isn't very good at it. All babies have been prem. Luckily, they're all fine! I feel like id be pushing my luck to have another I case he/she was even more prem(earliest was a 29 weeker and Kate's 36 weeks) and wasn't as lucky as the others... Plus the implications it'd have on the kids if we did have another premmie...
It makes me ache to think I won't ever be pregnant again. To think i will never feel those kicks, or breastfeed again. It actually aches.
Ive not told my oh how I feel, as he is adamant we're not having any more(as am I, in my head, but my heart is screaming at me!) This is a sensible mindset to be in given our history!
Any advice? Do I just put these thoughts out of my head and start to try and come to terms with it?

INXS Sat 20-Aug-16 21:43:43

Watching with interest. I love being pregnant as well. Not so keen on the giving birth, but being pregnant is wonderful.

TheEdgeIsNigh Sun 21-Aug-16 09:35:23

As scary and as painful as births are, it's so exciting and you feel invincible afterwards, like you could move a mountain!
Hopefully someone wise and helpful will be along shortly to give advice...

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