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Just to show how good frer really is.

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Itsnottheendoftheworld Sat 20-Aug-16 13:29:34

All these tests were dipped for 5 seconds in the same urine. I took Internet cheapies as well. All negative. You can see a line on the clear blue but it's faint. The bottom two are tescos own brand. Just thought I would post in case anyone was interestedgrin
Or in case anyone was obsessed with poas like me.

Costacoffeeplease Sat 20-Aug-16 13:53:54

I can see a line on the bottom two?

MmmMalbec Sat 20-Aug-16 14:18:18

There are lines on all of them! The FRER is the most positive though yeah, congratulations smile

Itsnottheendoftheworld Sat 20-Aug-16 14:42:09

So there are faint lines on the tescos ones! Must be more visible as they dried. Or my rubbish eyes. Thank you for the congratulations. smile

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