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Implantation spotting

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givingitago85 Thu 18-Aug-16 00:26:03

Hi all, just a bit of advice needed. Is brown spotting (just when wiping tmi) only 4 dpo too early to be implantation bleed?

Have had a few little niggle of cramps but nothing major.

Trying not to overthink!!!

MmmMalbec Thu 18-Aug-16 05:59:04

I think 4dpo is probably a bit too early for implantation. Someone might correct me here though!

Alibaba2 Thu 18-Aug-16 08:29:35

Are you sure of your ov date Giving?

givingitago85 Thu 18-Aug-16 23:17:42

Alibaba not completely sure of the date as I have just been using the dates off Ovia and not using OPKs so could very well be wrong. Cramps have stopped now.

physicskate Thu 18-Aug-16 23:25:36

Ovia is pretty notoriously unreliable when not used in combo with bbt and opks....

On average, people ov on 9 dpo, though really anywhere between 7-11 dpo is probable. So perhaps you ovulated earlier than ovia suggests...

givingitago85 Thu 18-Aug-16 23:29:07

Thank you. I'll stick it out and wait until AF is due. It's so hard not to over analyze every little part of your body during the TWW! Next cycle I will OPK.

givingitago85 Mon 22-Aug-16 05:12:01

So the brown spotting is still ongoing, on and off for a few days but back again idea what is going on, AF not due for another 7 days

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