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CM confusion

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25degrees Wed 17-Aug-16 20:11:48

Hi guys, just a quick question about CM before ovulation!

Before my MC at the end of June I had normal (if any can be) cycles and I had the usual EWCM around ovulation. I didn't get any of that last month and had a period, albeit an unusual one, exactly a month to the day my MC started.

So now i'm apparently coming to the end of day 2 of my fertile week - i'm using Ovia - and I had no CM at all today and barely any yesterday. I can't remember if this is normal to me because I only started checking my CM the month before I got pregnant. I'm wondering if my body is getting ready to throw out the EWCM in the next couple of days? Or if my MC could have changed how much (if any) I produce?

I wiped about an hour ago and I had the tiniest bit of stringy CM, but it wasn't clear, it was still sort of see through, but also beige...not at all like the fertile CM I had before. So i'm guessing it's not fertile CM at all.

Does anyone else go dry before EWCM? Or have any idea what might be going on?

Alibaba2 Wed 17-Aug-16 20:54:09

Not sure but I used to get really sore boobs before my MC now they don't change at all.

I presume I'm ov'ing because my temps rise.

So strange how your body changes after a MC.

delilahbucket Thu 18-Aug-16 20:52:01

Firstly, I'm very sorry to hear of your mc. To answer your question, I vary each month with ewcm. Most months I barely even notice it. I find if I don't drink enough I have less so make sure you're drinking plenty.
An app cannot tell you when you are ovulating. It can only guess based on averages. Your cycle may well be out of whack after the mc. Stringy cm is what I get after ovulation. I don't get anything bar ewcm before.
I would recommend getting some cheap ovulation tests and taking your bbt every day if you don't fall pregnant this cycle. This will help you confirm you are ovulating.

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