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TTC #1 - has anyone experienced this?

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Moon2015 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:24:58

Has anyone experienced this? Started TTC around 6 months ago because my AFs seemed to have evened out, but they have always been irregular so its been diffixult trying to work out ovulation etc. On Sunday afternoon I noticed some spotting which I have never experienced before and this continued quiet mildly with no other symptoms. Usually I suffer with hot sweats and mood swings pre AF and then very heavy when it arrives along with painful dull cramps, back and leg pains. This didnt feel the same at all so wondered if it was implantation spotting. This morning I woke up with very sharp, painful cramps unlike what I usually experience, and mid morning I went to the loo and passed a small clot. From then on the bleeding has increased but the pain has eased. Im guessing this may have been an egg that tried but failed to implant, but wondered if anyone else has experienced this?

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