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Very faint positive pregnancy test after IUI and trigger

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Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 17:19:59

I have another thread on this but getting a bit desperate so re-posting here. Did an IUI last Sunday 7th. Had HCG trigger shot (lowest dose of 250) on Saturday 6th at 10am. I just did a clear- blue pregnancy test and got a very very faint positive. AF is due on Sunday so I am on CD 22, 8.5 days post trigger shot and 7.5 days post IUI. I think I ovulated on either 6th or 7th so would be 7.5/8.5 DPO. Any views on whether this is a real positive or due the remnants of the trigger shot?

Chintaria Mon 15-Aug-16 21:07:37

From what I can remember I thought you had to wait ten days after your trigger shot for the hcg to be out of your system. I suspect it's probably the remnants of the trigger shot, but might be worth 'testing it out' - if it was the trigger then the line will get fainter and if it's really hcg then it'll get darker.
Fingers crossed for you, I've been there flowers

Chintaria Mon 15-Aug-16 21:10:04

PS I would have thought it's a bit too early for hcg to be showing yet if the iui's been sucessful. I think my earliest positive after IVF was 8dp3dt so 11dpo. Good luck smile

Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:20:05

Thanks Chintaria. I have googled in to death and think it's really borderline. Lots of articles say the 250 dosage should be out by day 7, other articles say to stays in your system until day 10. I am 9.5 days post trigger and I think 8.5 DPO as I am pretty sure I ovulated the same day as trigger or in the early hours of Sunday 7th. You can get a BFP from 6 days before your AF is due, which is today for me, so I don't think it is too early for HCG to show but do worry it is remnants of the trigger shot in my system. I will test again tomorrow morning (it will be 10 days post trigger at 10.30am tomorrow) to see if the line is darker. Very nervous!

Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:23:03

P.S The trigger wasn't to make me ovulate but for extra HCG. Scan showed I would ovulate late Sat or early Sunday and I am sure it was later on the Saturday or Sunday latest. I had temperature rise the following day so I am definitely at least 8 DPO today.

Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:23:46

What dp3dt?

Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 22:24:58

Sorry, mixed my dates up! I am 9.5 DPO trigger and 8.5 post IUI.

Chintaria Mon 15-Aug-16 22:48:03

Good luck for the morning then, will you update when you've tested?

Chintaria Mon 15-Aug-16 22:49:31

8dp3dt is 8 days post 3 day transfer - 8 days after a 3 day old embryo is transferred (IVF) smile

Thomasina76 Mon 15-Aug-16 23:38:55

Thanks Chintaria. Yes, will update. Pretty sure it will be negative and I will have got my hopes up for nothing. It really was the worse day to test - a day earlier and it would be too early for HPT (they all say at max 6 days before AF due) and a day later would be 10.5 dpIUI which would be a lot clearer that it's not the trigger shot. Urrggh. Don't know why I tested! Not sure I even have any HPTs left for the morning.

Thomasina76 Wed 17-Aug-16 14:30:52

Well the confusion continues. Did another HPT yesterday (around midday not using morning wee which was silly) and got another very very very faint line, so faint it's barely there. Think it was fainter than the one on Monday. Yesterday was 10 days post trigger/ 9 days post ovulation and IUI. Pretty sure it was just the last of the trigger shot and that if I test tomorrow it will be negative (not testing today as have drunks about 2 litres of water and cranberry juice to try to fend off a bout of cystitis) BUT I thought I would check with consultant. Very weird as his advice is that it is very unlikely to be the trigger shot and more likely to be early stages of pregnancy. Seems inconsistent with everything I have read on google re trigger shot staying in your system for up to 10 -14 days (10 seems most common). No idea what to think but assuming the worse and that this is all just getting my hopes up only to be dashed again. Guess I will find out tomorrow when I test.

Chintaria Thu 18-Aug-16 09:11:02

Well let's hope your consultant is right smile
So you're now 11dpo (I think?) which is the earliest I have ever got a very faint line. I am hopeful that yesterday's faint line won't have been the trigger, especially seeing as you said you had a low dose of hcg for that. It should be out of your system by now - I would say that if you get any kind of line today it's much more likely to be hcg from a pregnancy. I have everything crossed for you!!

Chintaria Tue 23-Aug-16 08:47:41

How are you doing Thomasina? Hope you're okay...

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