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Starting IVF at GUY's

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Goodthingscome2those Mon 15-Aug-16 12:16:03

Hi All,

This is my first post, so please forgive me for not using abbreviations!

I was wondering if anyone is going through IVF at GUY's at the moment? I will be starting my first cycle soon (had all tests done, drugs ordered and being delivered this Friday, AF due in 10 days then doing a long cycle so will start injecting 21 days later). Is anyone in the same position? I am lucky enough to be getting NHS funding but am 39, 40 in February.

I felt a bit disheartened at my last appointment as I was told I only have two follicles on one ovary and three on the other, so I am being given a high dosage of the stimulating drug. I would be interested to hear any stories/tips of anyone who is, or has been in a similar position as I feel a bit blind about all of this, although try ing to read as much as possible to get prepared.

Good luck to everyone else out there going through IVF or similar.

JessieMcJessie Mon 15-Aug-16 18:49:45

Hi there. We had 2 rounds at Guy's and I am currently on maternity leave awaiting the birth of the result of the second round smile. I will be 43 next week.

My problems were the result of being a bit old and having one blocked tube. We were told we had something like a 5% chance naturally which went up to 20% with IVF. I found Guy's to be very efficient clinically, though the admin was sometimes a bit disorganised and we had some very long waits for appointments. However I could not fault the nurses, doctors and embryologists when it came to egg collection and transfer.

They never got many eggs from me - I think 5 each time and then I had 3 transferred (that is offered as standard if over 40). They couldn't really say why the first round failed, but after the second I was put on pretty much the max dose of Menopur. I found the drugs fairly easy to administer and didn't suffer any bad side effects. Interestingly Ifelt very uncomfortable for several days after the first egg collection but assumed this was normal. After the second one there was no discomfort whatsoever and I wonder if that meant my body was just more relaxed and ready for the transfer. However I have no idea why there was that difference- may just be down to luck with the surgeon on the day.

Very very best of luck with the process and fingers crossed that it works for you too.

Goodthingscome2those Mon 15-Aug-16 19:28:58

Hi jessiemcjessie,

Firstly thank you so much for the information thats really useful and given me some hope.

Secondly massive congratulations to you awaiting the birth of your bundle of joy, I'm so pleased for you smile.

Our issues sound similar although I had an ectopic around 10 years ago and then after keep being told to keep trying then realised my other tube was damaged so I had that removed last August and I'm finally getting to the stage of injecting. I was so disappointed when they told me I only had 5 follicles but as I keep reading it only takes one egg....

I wish you all the best with the birth and enjoy being a Mummy. Hopefully I'll be in your position this time next year!

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