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TTC and feeling disheartened?

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TTC1985 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:48:26

TTC and feeling disheartened?

Hi all

I've only been TTC for a handful of cycles now, so I'm definitely a beginner!

However, we're finding it very difficult to manage the disappointment after wanting this for so long and overcoming so many hurdles just to get to this point.

The father-to-be is HIV positive, and has had to get his viral load undetectable before we could even start. Also, I have had issues with my period and have ended up with an 18-22 day cycle (!thanks!) and some little polyps that had to be cleared. It's been months of talk, deciding we want to do this, tests, meetings, medications, and FINALLY we were given the go ahead to start in April.

I know things won't happen straight away and IAMBU to think they will—but we're young and (aside from issues above which have been 'remedied' as far as conception goes) healthy (27yrs and me 30yrs). Seeing my friends conceive at the mere sight of their partner, and all the users here who conceived first go is getting me down a little.

Is this what I am facing every 2 weeks for the next year or so before we can ask for fertility treatment?

Suppose what I'm asking is does anyone else feel this lonely and despairing so early in, and how to overcome it so they can keep going?

Baby dust to all

MrsGsnow18 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:58:31

Sorry you feel so disheartened. I think everyone who goes through TTC feels the same at some point.
This is my 9th cycle now. I have ups and downs. It is very difficult with waiting, testing, getting excited and then disappointments.

You're not alone though, hopefully threads on here will be a good support for you flowers

TTC1985 Mon 15-Aug-16 12:26:40

@MrsGsnow18 thank you, yes the threads are helping, it's strange to feel so alone and yet know full well that you're not!

I suppose the good thing is that I have such a short cycle I'm able to test a little more than others in the same year (18–22 days max for each cycle). Actually I'm not sure that is such a good thing for my nerves haha!

So hard to force yourself not to symptom spot and read into things. Perhaps I could find a way to reward myself after each negative cycle to ease the disappointment.

I'll keep trying, I hope things go well for you as soon as possible!

flowers smile

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