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Could I be showing pregnancy signs this early?

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shaaan1329 Fri 12-Aug-16 16:35:20

Firstly I've been a nightmare recently at tracking my cycle but basically I came off my period approx two weeks ago maybe closer to three. I am extremely tired, a lot more than usual... All I want to do is sleep all the time! I was sick this morning as well and my emotions are all over. I am just wondering g of it is possible to conceive that early in your cycle and already be showing signs? I did take a test but it was negative as I doubt if I am there would be enough hormones yet so when would you advise taking a test? Any advice or similar stories would be amazing! I've also heard people with twins know earlier and my partners dad had two identical twin brothers so I am wondering if that had a anything to do with it or whether I am just getting my hopes up! Thank you smile

Jodie1982 Fri 12-Aug-16 19:01:41

In all my pregnancies I've not had symptoms till 6/7wks. Before then I felt totally un-pregnant. Good luck.

McBaby Fri 12-Aug-16 19:29:18

I knew a week after ovulation with all three pregnancies some say it's not possible but I did!

BertieBotts Fri 12-Aug-16 20:02:48

No, not possible to know this early. Sorry! Wait a week or two and test if no period. The thing is if your HCG levels were high enough to be causing symptoms, they'd be high enough to show on a test.

Also twins in your partners family don't affect your likelihood of twins, as it has to be a gene you carry meaning you release more than one egg. Additionally identical twins aren't caused by any gene, they are just random.

Good luck!

NameChange30 Fri 12-Aug-16 20:07:26

When was the first day of your last period?
I suggest you buy a FRER as they are the most sensitive pregnancy tests. They're accurate up to 5 days before your period is due (although the closer you get the more accurate they are).
I don't want to fuel the crazy but I don't think it's impossible to get symptoms this early.
I had a really vivid nightmare about a week after I conceived, I woke up DH and it completely freaked him out - the next morning he said "maybe you're pregnant" and I laughed it off.
I was (am) pregnant.

Missgraeme Fri 12-Aug-16 20:07:37

I had symptoms 6dpo.

NameChange30 Fri 12-Aug-16 20:08:47

I should have said it woke up DH (the nightmare), I didn't wake him up on purpose, but he told me I was screaming the house down!

Fanjango Fri 12-Aug-16 20:14:12

I had pregnancy symptoms like this, it was twins so a higher hormone level. Sorry grin

BertieBotts Fri 12-Aug-16 21:51:45

I don't think it's impossible, I just think if it's strong enough to cause symptoms a test should be picking it up.

ahsan Sat 13-Aug-16 13:40:22

Yes I did this time. Was around dpo 6 when I started getting really emotional, veins were huge lol and had a metallic taste in my mouth. Breasts were sore and that's all before my period was due. So yes you can tell I knew a few days after ovulation as I had implantation bleeding as well smile

sizeofalentil Sun 21-Aug-16 09:47:47

I had strong symptoms a week before my missed period both times. Is rare but possible.

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