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Wanting baby number 3

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cheekymummy89 Fri 12-Aug-16 12:46:46

Well I have a 8 year old and recently had my 2nd child 4 weeks ago. Dh and I already agreed during my last pregnancy that if this birth went well and I felt good we would have one more. I always said I didn't want anymore once I hit 30 as that is the time I want to focus on my future career (left school and didn't know what I wanted) now I want to go back college and get my nvq but only once I'm done having children as this gives me the chance to qualify and go straight into work. Now, there is a pretty big age gap between ds1 and ds2 and I would really like a smaller age gap between ds2 and the next 1. Finish with bottles etc around the same time. Are we silly to want ttc once I've had my 6 week checkup? I'm 28 so by the time I'd have had the next one I'd be 29/30 depending on when I conceive. Dh works full time so we have the regular and pretty good income to support us until I'm working again. We both said once the last born reaches 1 I would go and do a night course at college or find a job in our local hospital which offers me the nvq I need to progress which means both the youngest 2 will be at nursery if that's the case. I just don't want to leave it too late and then I'd be saying I am not doing it. I understand I'd have 2 children close in age which some parents don't like the idea of but I really do want to do something with my life and if I start college next year I'd never give myself and dh the 3rd child we want. Any advise is appreciated.

Missgraeme Fri 12-Aug-16 12:53:35

Congratulations on baba! 2 close together is lovely. I have a 14 moth gap between 2 lots of my kids! 15 month gap, a 20 month gap, an the rest bigger gaps! The baby will still be napping when u are (hopefully) pregnant and still so when baby arrives! It wasnt really that much harder - tho try and get the older one sleeping through the night before the new baby arrives!! Good luck!!

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