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Clomid or IVF?

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Thomasina76 Wed 10-Aug-16 15:34:42

DH (46) and I (40) have been TTC for 10 months and have just done an unmedicated IUI. On 2 ww but assuming it hasn't worked. All fertility tests have checked out fine (clear tubes, AMH of 7.1, ovulating regularly, DH has an excellent sperm count etc). Trying to get a plan B together if unmedicated IUI doesn't work. We had previously decided against clomid due to the risk of multiples but I am now re-thiking given that it is so much cheaper and less invasive than IVF. Does everyone try clomid before going to IVF? And is the risk of twins so high that we should definitely not try it if we don't want twins.

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