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Pregnancy test

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oscarsmummyy Wed 10-Aug-16 12:02:19

I've took a test and noticed a line but it seems to far away to be a positive.. This is definitely negative ain't it?x

ButtMuncher Wed 10-Aug-16 12:05:35

I'd say so - could be dodgy test. Do you have anymore? Any ovulation kits?

MmmMalbec Wed 10-Aug-16 12:45:55

Yeah too far away. Looks like a water mark to me! Sorry, hopefully you'll get your bfp soon 😄

oscarsmummyy Wed 10-Aug-16 13:00:17

I have just checked it again ( I don't believe the read within. 5 minutes rule as it took an hour for a bfp to show on my test when I was pregnant with my little boy) anyway.. There's a faint line, has colour..

MmmMalbec Wed 10-Aug-16 15:27:34

I'm really sorry but I still can't see anything there. Must be more obvious in the flesh?!

haveacupoftea Wed 10-Aug-16 15:33:35

I think the first pic was just a dye run. I had them before with those tests.

oscarsmummyy Wed 10-Aug-16 21:29:10

That's where the line is, it's so frustrating waiting for a bfp!xx

MmmMalbec Thu 11-Aug-16 06:19:37

That would be too close then. It really does send you crazy doesn't it!xx

oscarsmummyy Thu 11-Aug-16 22:17:21

Yeah it does. sad I took another one and can see a faint line but only under a light.. Think I'm going to wait until af now xxx

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