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20 day cycle and ttc, any advice?

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Albiebee Tue 09-Aug-16 20:25:04

I'm 38, had no problem conceiving my daughter 3 years ago, but since having mirena removed 5 months ago I've had 20 day cycles.

I have no idea how long they were before my dd, I either didn't check, was on the pill or was pregnant, I sort of assumed they were average, but they definitely aren't now! My periods are 5 days long, so that doesn't leave much time in between to recover, ovulate and get pregnant.

My question is has anyone had any experience of ttc with such short cycles? I think this month I did not ovulate, but I definitely ovulated on the last two cycles, I believe on roughly days 12 and 14.

I'm going to book a GP appointment to see what the next step is. I have a fibroid, would that make shorter cycles?

Can I possibly get pregnant with cycles like this? Does anyone know what else might cause short cycles?

danigrace Wed 10-Aug-16 11:54:17

Hi Albie, sorry to hear you're having cycle trouble - I have the opposite problem myself but didn't just want to read & run!
I have read women with too short a cycle can sometimes have issues as the period can come before the fertilised egg gets chance to properly implant. Hopefully your GP will be able to suggest next steps if needed.
And in the meantime hopefully someone with more experience will be along to give tips or advice!

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