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TTC and jet lag

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Monkeyandthebear Tue 09-Aug-16 20:12:47

Hi all,
Never posted before but slowly going insane! We have been ttc for 4 months now and we went on holiday the first day of my fw according to Ovia. We flew to the states with a 5 hour time difference. Did through the fw and have felt no symptoms over the 2ww. AF should have arrived yesterday when we flew home and I normally have a couple of days of spotting before then, but so far nothing. No AF, no spotting and a BFN. I don't feel pregnant (although really jet lagged) and just want AF to get a move on so we can move onto the next cycle.

Has anyone else had jet lag disrupt a cycle? If so how long did it take to get back on track? DH calls me a compulsive planner so you can imagine how much I enjoy yhe Unknown of ttc, I do not need jet lag causing extra confusion!

delilahbucket Tue 09-Aug-16 20:57:12

I found flying delayed my ovulation by three or four days last year. That and major stress are the only things that delay it for me. If you have a bfn it doesn't necessarily mean you are not pregnant, but I suspect you did ovulate late. I would test every other day in the interim but without temping or using opks to see when you ovulated, you have no choice but to wait it out.

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