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PCOS & Metformin, advice please?

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katherine7172 Tue 09-Aug-16 12:03:39

I didn't know whether to post this on infertility or conception thread, went for this one. I'd really appreciate some advice/opinions please?

My husband and I had been ttc for 3 and a half years, going through all the tests and I was on metformin for 4 cycles (500mg 3 times a day). I had a consultant appointment on the 1st of July, where I was told that this would be our last appointment and our best shot was to keep trying or IVF. My husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt instead of IVF, we spoke to a social worker who advised when we began the process I would have to go back on contraception. So we decided I would come on metformin straight away and go on contraception when we officially began the process (which will be in a month probably.)
I was about a week away from starting my period when I stopped taking the metformin. On metformin my cycles were shortened to around 30-33 days, before metformin cycles were between 35-45. The longest my cycle has ever been is 45 days and that has only happened once. I knew coming off the metformin would probably mess the cycle up, I am now on day 45! I have absolutely no symptoms, no achey boobs or stomach pains. No period symptoms and no pregnancy related symptoms. I took a pregnancy test this morning which was negative, no idea what is going on.

Unsure whether I should book an appointment with my GP or whether to just wait it out?

Just think it's funny that something like this will happen after we've sort of given up on conceiving naturally :/

I'd appreciate all advice and opinions!

Thanks in advance xxx

danigrace Wed 10-Aug-16 12:08:36

Hi Katherine, I'd definitely speak to your GP. Do another test in a day or so with your first morning wee. If you aren't pregnant it's important you still have a regularish bleed to reduce the risk of abnormal cells so your GP should chat to you about your options. Good luck with everything

katherine7172 Wed 10-Aug-16 19:50:32

Hi Danigrace, thanks for you reply!

Still no sign of AF and I'm now on day 46, I thought I'd tey testing again on day 50. If nothing I'm going to go to the doctors, as it's a bit concerning.

Thanks smile


danigrace Wed 10-Aug-16 21:28:37

Let us know how you get on xx

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