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TTC with hyperfamilialcholesterolaemia (fh)

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amlobsinger Mon 08-Aug-16 10:48:34

I was diagnosed with probably familialhypercholesterolaemia as a child, and have been on statins since age 18. I stopped taking them 15 months ago, as we were planning to start TTC, and the advice I had received from my specialist was to stop taking them 3 months prior to TTC. We have now been TTC for 12 months, with no success.

Has anyone here had a similar experience, or know if there are any NICE/NHS guidelines on what to do in this situation? There seems to be some published research on the implications of FH for pregnancy (all of which only include women who conceived within 3 months), but I can't find anything on guidelines for problems conceiving.

Now we're past the 12 month mark, I'll be making appointment with my GP. I've mentioned my concerns to my lipid specialist (who I saw four months ago), and she was very dismissive - basically said I needed to think about stopping TTC because I'd been off the statins for too long, but couldn't give me any more advice because she wasn't an ob-gyn. So I'd like to gather as much info before I see the GP, and would appreciate any advice!

delilahbucket Tue 09-Aug-16 21:48:42

I have this in my family (my dad). I have had mine checked and it is high but as we are ttc they are reluctant to put me on statins and want to see if it can be controlled by diet. Unlikely as my dad's can't. I'm to go back in December for another test to see if it has come down.
I understand that none smoking females who have a healthy bmi are very low risk of heart disease (oestrogen protects us until menopause). With that being said, you not taking your statins is not going to suddenly make you a walking heart attack unless you are unhealthy. This is what my doctor told me.
I have read that high cholesterol can make ttc harder, but it is not from uk studies so doctors aren't familiar with it.

delilahbucket Tue 09-Aug-16 21:51:27

I forgot to add, we're onto cycle 16 of ttc with not a hint of a bfp, but dp has antisperm antibodies which have massively hindered us. Therefore it is impossible to say whether FH has any impact.
Also, they don't test cholesterol in pregnancy as pregnancy raises it.

amlobsinger Wed 10-Aug-16 08:40:26

Hi Delilahbucket,

Thanks - that's really helpful (and reassuring!). I think I was concerned because my lipid specialist essentially told me we'd need to stop TTC without any answers. I'm due to see the GP soon, so hopefully might get some more info from her. Do you know where I might find the studies that link high cholesterol to infertility?

babbafishbabe Wed 10-Aug-16 08:52:45

My DH has MS and he had to stop taking his drugs when we were TTC ... Our GP referred us for clomid.
DH had to be off his drugs for 3 months min before TTC. Luckily we fell before starting the drug.
Worth an ask xxxx

delilahbucket Wed 10-Aug-16 10:36:56

There's this one
The Daily Mail did a write up on it here
There isn't masses of research into it but in my opinion there's enough to question it. The study doesn't mention bmi and naturally, high bmi is linked to high cholesterol, and a high bmi can also cause fertility problems. As to whether it would impact on those with FH but a healthy lifestyle and weight, I don't know.

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