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How many of you had an IMPLANTATION BLEED when you were pregnant?

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pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 16:34:33

Please help me settle my mind. I am going mad, we BD on Monday and I had spotting yesterday {5 days later} but only a tiny little bit. Is it implantation bleed? Or coincidence? or something else?

NAB3 Sun 28-Jan-07 16:36:14

I did. Though the midwife said it was more likely to be old blood as it was brown. That baby is now 3 1/2!!

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 16:38:11

Thanks for answering me, yesterday was red and then a tiny bit of brown today, but really really tiny amount

NAB3 Sun 28-Jan-07 16:38:57

You'll be fine!! And congratulations!! In advance.

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 16:42:21

Thanks do you know how common it is? Do you know when I can use these digital tests is it 2 weeks after BD but they are advertised as using them 4 days early, from AF. So does that mean 10 days after BD?

lulumama Sun 28-Jan-07 16:43:56

There are many different reasons that a woman may have vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Some women can continue to have light periods or spotting during pregnancy, especially during the first few months. A pregnancy test would probably help to ease your mind. A visit to your practitioner may also be in order, either for early pregnancy care or to find out the reasons for your symptoms. Here is a comprehensive list of the many possible causes.

Early Pregnancy and Implantation Bleeding
Are you experiencing first trimester bleeding? It's estimated that 25% of all women have bleeding in early pregnancy. One possible cause of this bleeding is implantation bleeding.

What is Implantation Bleeding?
Implantation bleeding is lighter than menstrual bleeding, and consists of pink or brown colored blood. Implantation bleeding occurs when the trophoblast, or tissue that surrounds the egg, attaches to the endometrium and slowly eats its way into the lining. As it does so, it eats through the mother's blood vessels, forming blood lakes within itself. When these blood lakes form near the surface of the trophoblast, they often cause implantation bleeding.

Remember, the difference between period and implantation bleeding is the amount; implantation bleeding is considerably lighter than menstrual bleeding. Menses and implantation bleeding should be different enough so that you can tell. Here are some frequently asked questions about spotting:

When does implantation bleeding occur?
Usually 5-12 days after ovulation, so just around the time that you would be getting your period. Bleeding during ovulation is something different.

What does implantation bleeding look like?
Implantation bleeding signs are a light pink or brown colored spotting.

How long does implantation bleeding last?
The duration varies for each woman.


lulumama Sun 28-Jan-07 16:44:43

The accuracy of the early tests is 50% or so, maybe less, maybe a little more,so it is probably worth waiting for when you would be due on, or a little later if you can bear it

lulumama Sun 28-Jan-07 16:45:12

copied and pasted from this website

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 16:58:25

Thankyou for all the information. Has anyone had an implantation bleed and NOT been pregnant? ie it fail to stay there?

NAB3 Sun 28-Jan-07 16:59:30

I have had a m/c but I can't remember if I had a bleed. I didn't with every baby and I have 3.

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 17:00:38

LULU after DH goes to buy the tests I won't be able to wait to do the tests it will probably mean we have to buy lots of them. If I realise I could get a false negative but I may also get a positive iyswim

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 17:01:46

sorry nab

lulumama Sun 28-Jan-07 17:03:12

well, i hope you get the result you want...

i had a threatened miscarriage at 6 not an implantation bleed..but all was well..

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 17:04:54

Thanks, you lot will probably be the first to know

Mercy Sun 28-Jan-07 17:07:23

Well, with ds I had a more or less normal period. Ok, it did stop and start a bit, but it was bright red blood and heavy enough to use a tampon.

It was only several days later I suspected I was actually pregnant.

Fingers crossed for you!

gingermonkey Sun 28-Jan-07 17:13:05

I had an implantation bleed with ds. I actually bled for a few days each month for 3 months and didn't realise I was pregnant, just thought I was having a lighter period due to more exercise, I used tampons and everything (ds was 2nd child so I wasn't a complete novice!). It made sense when I did a test and realised I was pregnant, but I only did the test because I was putting on a bit of weight on my hips despite going to the gym and working like a maniac.

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 18:06:35

Thanks I have been so stressed,

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 20:02:22

Anyone else?

Mercy Sun 28-Jan-07 20:10:09

Is the spotting still going on?

When is your period due? or date of lmp?

pleasehelpmeasap Sun 28-Jan-07 20:15:29

No nothing this evening so just the brown spotting earlier today {but a tiny amount} can't remember LMP but am not regular anyway, I am sure that I ovulated last week because of CM etc. We only BD once and that was Monday night. So I am very confused really.

Juicylucytoo Mon 29-Jan-07 09:06:17

I had it with both my pg's. First one I experienced a missed mc at around 6 weeks. The second is now in it's 23rd week and going strong.

I found it very scary both times, but it was darker (brown) blood and alot less than a period, so defo implantation.

Good luck x

jabberwocky Mon 29-Jan-07 09:08:51

I had it with ds1 but not ds2. Even though I knew what it was it was still disconcerting.

MrsMcJnr Tue 30-Jan-07 12:03:32

Pleasehelpmeasap - I got my BFP on Friday, I had slight spotting and a slither of lining (I think) on 3dpo then spotting, some pink and some brown until 11dpo when I got another slither, I got my BFP on 12dpo. The GP has some concerns about the spotting and is sending me for a 7 week scan when I get to that stage but hopefully it'll all be ok. There are ectopics and multiples in our family so that was another reason for the early scan. Good luck hon!

PinkElephant Tue 30-Jan-07 15:57:45

MrMcJr - I'm delighted to hear you fab news!!! You see .....I told you about making a GP appointment to discuss fetility works every time!!! I'm sure you will be fine and try not to worry too much, as it sound like you're in safe hands with you GP. If you get any cramping go back and see you GP again.....try not to think about it too much, but if it helps to know with my ectopic I had very light brown spotting which started 5days after my period was due, it was very on and off with some mild cramping. The cramping got worse by the time I was 5wks pregnant and I felt like the whole pelvic area ached constantly, which is when I sought advise from the GP who referred me to gynae for a scan and Beta HCG's and then they kept me in to monitor me for 2days. Good luck and keep you chin up

Impatience Tue 30-Jan-07 16:06:09

Sorry to be the misery guts on here, but you did ask...

I've been ftc for many moons now, and I've seen bits of spotting at various dpo and haven't ever yet been pg (to my knowledge, and I certainly test!). I bet I wouldn't even notice my bits of odd mucus/blood if I didn't scrutinise the toilet paper every time!

I hope I am wrong! Feel free to come and gloat at me in a couple of weeks

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