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Ttc number 2!

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Sonnet18 Fri 05-Aug-16 20:10:17

Hello! Anyone thinking of ttc number 2? I have a 6 month old baby and don't want a big age gap between babies. AF has been a bit erratic over the past few months but DH and I have decided to make next month the first month of ttc. Anyone else sort of in the same boat?

MmmMalbec Sat 06-Aug-16 14:21:00

My DS is 19 months and we are TTC now. When he was 6 months old I was adamant I didn't want another haha!! Have you always wanted a small gap?

ahsan Sat 06-Aug-16 19:37:01

I couldn't get pregnant after a six month gap, feel it was too small and I'd struggle. Besides takes the body two years to recover from pregnancy. With me I waited 2 year 3 months between my first and second and for my third I waited 4 years and 8 months.

Sonnet18 Sat 06-Aug-16 21:12:19

Yes, always wanted a small gap. I'm from a family where there are only a year between each child (my immediate family and all my cousins) and it's pretty much what I've always wanted for my own children. 19 months (plus 9 months of pregnancy) sounds like a nice age gap! Here's hoping it happens soon for you!

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 07:47:29

Well I'm sure it'll be a good gap for you too then! How many children are you hoping to have?

Thanks, I'm just not good with lack of sleep so I needed a bit of a break from night feeds and all that before I could consider it again!!!

Sonnet18 Sun 07-Aug-16 08:11:32

You see, I would rather not have a break from the sleepless nights and get them over with in as few years as possible!! Ideally we would like 2 or 3 children; what about you?

iemma321q Sun 07-Aug-16 08:23:00

I have a 10 month old and am currently in month 2 of ttc number two.

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 09:02:13

I have an 18 month old and we started TTC this month for number two.

My DS was a terribly unsettled baby. So I'm hoping that #2 won't be as difficult.

Ovulated yesterday. So two week wait begins today...

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 11:31:43

Yeah I've heard people say that about the sleep situation too Sonnet!

How long did everyone take to conceive first time?

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 11:50:50

MmmMalbec it took us 7 months to conceive our DS

How long for you?

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 17:38:06

2 months of normal cycles and a couple of months with crazy just come off the pill cycles!

Are you hoping for faster this time or not particularly bothered?

Sonnet18 Sun 07-Aug-16 17:54:28

2 months for us but so far my cycles have been so irregular that I'm expecting it to be slightly longer this time round! Just finishing AF at the moment so will see what happens this month as our first official month of ttc! Eek, the 2ww...a horrible time!!

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 18:14:43

I'm hoping it will be quicker this time. I secretly have the ridiculous notion that my body has done it once before so it 'knows what it's doing" this time round grin

And yes - TWW is murderous sad

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 18:55:15

I felt the exact same way when we first started trying a few months ago but my cycles have completely gone to shit out of no where! Things were a bit better last month so I'm hoping for a decent improvement this month. And a bfp obviously!

TWW is total and utter shit isn't it! Are you all tracking ovulation?

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 19:05:09

I am tracking ovulation. But this month is the first month I have properly tested since I had my DS.
Only using cheapy internet dipsticks. It was the clearest positive I ever remember having. The test line was actually darker than the control line - which has never happened to me before.

That said, the month we were finally successful with DS I used the clear blue dual hormone indicator tests. But they're £20 a pop! And I don't feel that I'm invested enough yet. Hoping to be a little more relaxed about it this time around. I'll be really happy if it happens, but I'm not as 'desperate' as I was first time round. Maybe because that doubt of not even knowing if I could even conceive isn't there this time!

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 19:12:57

Yeah I looked at the clearblue tests but so so expensive! I've also got some cheapies and had a darker test line the last time I used them! I just temped when I conceived DS but this month I've decided to use OPKs seen as my cycle has been a bit of a mess.

Are you feeling confident this month? Did you have many TWW symptoms last time?

Sonnet18 Sun 07-Aug-16 19:19:41

I used the cheap internet ones and got a super strong positive and then got period 8 days either they didn't work or I have a dodgy cycle!! Didn't use opks first time around and all was well...hopefully my body it all sorts itself out for next month!!

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 19:21:37

You might just be taking a bit of time to get back in to the swing of things! Have you had many periods since giving birth?

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 19:21:54

I don't remember having a single symptom. At that point it had been 7 months and I'd just convinced myself it wasn't going to happen.

Was edgy though and did a test 9 days after ovulation and it was positive. I was in total shock!! I DID NOT feel pregnant!

wherethefuckisthefuckingtuna Sun 07-Aug-16 19:23:54

Agree with Malbec. Perhaps your cycle just hasn't quite regulated.

Was it a short cycle overall? Or did the OPK say you ovulated late and the period 8 days later was in line with your usual cycle?

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 20:10:44

Haha bet that was a right shock then! Did you use a FRER? I held out to 15dpo to test!!!

Yeah I think short luteal phase is quite common when your cycles are just starting to regulate.

Sonnet18 Sun 07-Aug-16 20:25:57

I've had 3 periods since (wasn't breastfeeding after the first 2 weeks) one cycle was 35 days and the next was 26 days! Both were short luteal phases as I ovulated on day 20 something (can't remember exactly) and day 18 respectively. Totally odd but not overly concerned yet. Will see what next month brings. If it's still totally irregular and with short LP then will put off ttc as it would be futile really!!

MmmMalbec Sun 07-Aug-16 21:00:39

I had one crazy short cycle a few months after my periods came back and then they went to normal after that so hopefully you'll be alright soon! Some people swear by vitamins to regulate their cycle so might be worth a shot if it comes to that? What was your cycle and luteal phase before getting pregnant?

Sonnet18 Sun 07-Aug-16 21:14:30

Pretty standard- 30 day cycle (give or take a day) but no idea of luteal phase (hadn't even heard of it then!!) as I didn't use opks or temp. It must've been OK otherwise I wouldn't have had the baby. I actually used the opks this time round to try to work out when to avoid falling pregnant (as cycles seemed so off) and it was then that I noticed I ovulated and then got period within just over a week...a frantic Google told me that it wasn't normal!! Will use opks next month and see what happens then

MmmMalbec Mon 08-Aug-16 06:19:15

Yeah sounds a good idea to monitor. You usually ovulate between 24 and 72 hours after getting a positive too so that would have given you a very short luteal phase. But like you say I'm sure it'll all go back to normal soon. I can't wait to have another kid and then I never have to think or worry about periods and TWWs and all the crap that comes with it again!! I'm so jealous of people who get pregnant first time!!!

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