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PCOS and thinking about TTC #2 advice?

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MustBeThursday Thu 04-Aug-16 19:17:37

Hello. Just hoping someone might have some advice or experience with this. I was told I have PCOS earlier this year after investigations due to lack of periods (I've had only 1 period this year, in June). The consultant I saw advised that when I wanted to start TTC to see my GP to be referred back to him for clomid and something else (don’t have the letter to hand – might have been metformine?). DH has been asking a lot in the last few months about TTC DC2 because of the potential age gap getting bigger.

Basically wondering how long it actually takes to get referred for this sort of thing, should I ask the GP to refer me sooner rather than later to get the ball rolling?

AmyC86 Fri 05-Aug-16 12:18:44

Join us on pcos periods or lack off. There's a wealth of information on there xx

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