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Delay TTC until after the wedding?

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GummyBunting Thu 04-Aug-16 15:33:51

DP and I (both 28) started TTC after xmas this year. One early mc but no sticky beans so far.

We got engaged in May and will marry late next year. Now I'm having second thoughts about TTC and wondering if we should wait until after the wedding? Simply because it's a bit more sensible... spread the cost and stress etc. Also, a part if me would like to have a child in wedlock (simple romanticism, my parents never married).

But then I think it's stupid to delay having a family for the sake of, essentially, a party.

WWYD? What did you do?

physicskate Thu 04-Aug-16 17:14:41

I think I would postpone if it got to 12 months before the wedding until about a month or two before the wedding... but that's just me! I wouldn't choose to be in the throws of early pregnancy and also dress buying could be tricky with changing size etc...

But if you are already ttc I think I would keep going with it outside those time frames, as you've already found, it can take awhile!

Spreading the cost is good too!

Do what is best for you!!

m33r Thu 04-Aug-16 19:45:28

We started ttc 3 months before we got married because I would be happy to be 3 months as I wouldn't have gained weight by then (dress buying / sizing more than a weight thing). I was a bit sad that I potentially wouldn't have champagne at my wedding. I needn't have worried - it took us 20 months meaning we were married 17 months before we had a baby. I have since conceived 3x each time in a couple of months (one MC; one CP and now 6+5). Such A personal choice but whatever you do will be right for you xx

GummyBunting Thu 04-Aug-16 21:21:26

I've actualy already picked my dress and it's very forgiving, i could put on a bit of weight.

I like the idea of waiting until a few months before.

PhoenixBlaze Fri 05-Aug-16 08:59:23

I don't know if this will be helpful, but my OH and I had a similar debate... We got engaged when our daughter was 18 months old and had already discussed trying for another one later that year (we got engaged in March 2015). We toyed with the idea of trying for another before the wedding, as it wasn't going to be for another 1.5 years at least, but ultimately we decided to wait until afterwards. For us the decision was based on knowing how stressful having a newborn is and the thought of all the last minute craziness of wedding planning on top of that (but then again we are having an overly-complicated wedding so it really doesn't have to be that bad!) We also decided we wanted to have one last, adults-only honeymoon just the two of us (leaving DD with my mum) before the family holidays of the future descend... So that's something to consider as well.

It's totally up to you, and really depends on your priorities. We're now within 4 weeks of our wedding and I'm personally glad we made the decision we did, though I can't pretend I haven't been achingly broody for the last 18 months...blush

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