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How long after your positive OPK did you actually ovulate?

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Writerwannabe83 Thu 04-Aug-16 07:20:51

This is a question please for people who use OPKs and can also pinpoint when they ovulated, be it either by temping or pains etc.

My period is 3 days late, which I know isn't a huge amount, and I'm getting BFNs when I test.

I can't stop myself wondering whether I just ovulated later than I thought, therefore implantation happened later in my cycle than expected and that's why my AF is late but I'm still getting BFNs.

I had a positive OPK on the evening of the 21st July and morning of the 22nd July. If I had ovulated at that time it would put me at around 13dpo and so I would expect at least a squinter if I were pregnant.

However, I have since read that a positive OPK means the egg will be released anywhere between 12-72 hours later which is a huge window and surprised me. A woman I know who did OPKs and temping said she didn't actually ovulate until 48 hours after her positive OPK.

So I keep thinking that even if I did have my positive OPKs on the 21/22 of July does that mean potentially I may not have actually ovulated until the 24/25th? I don't track my temperature due to shift work and a toddler who likes to get me up throughout the night.

If I did indeed ovulate this late then it would mean I may only be 10dpo which might account for no period but still BFNs?

I didn't test with an OPK again after the positive on the morning of the 22nd of July as I assumed I had already ovulated or I was just about to.

I don't feel pregnant but nor do I feel like my period is imminent either.

Do people actually ovulate this late after a positive OPK or am I just clutching at straws?

MmmMalbec Thu 04-Aug-16 07:53:34

When I used them one month, I got a positive on Friday and Saturday morning and ovulated on the Sunday (temped to confirm). It's really hard to say though because I guess everyone is different. Hope you get your BFP smile

Thequilltosurvive Thu 04-Aug-16 15:20:36

3 days after an OPK according to my 12 weeks scan


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