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Any thoughts on best time to come off Micronor to TCC?

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oliversmummy26 Wed 03-Aug-16 12:17:20

Hello ladies,

we are going to start TCCing on 1st October (on our honeymoon) and I was going to stop taking my Micronor that day, last AF before then is due 19.9.16, so not sure whether I may as well just stop taking it then as that will be when any EDD is dated from?

The last two times I've got pregnant was when I took Micronor about 2 hours after my 3 hour window so looks like I could be super fertile, but now that I want to be pregnant, it probably won't be nearly so easy or quick!! envy

MmmMalbec Wed 03-Aug-16 12:43:13

If it was me I'd come off now. It took me about 5 months to have a normal cycle after coming off the pill. But if you're super fertile you might not have that problem. You should at least finish it at the end of a packet though I think! Good luck

oliversmummy26 Wed 03-Aug-16 12:48:00

Thanks Mmm I should have said, sorry, Micronor is a mini pill, so I can stop taking it at any time, and am having regular cycles at the moment anyway which aren't too different from what they were before I was taking contraception - it doesn't stop your periods. I have a 3 hour window to take it every day and if I don't them boom! has happened the last two times I didn't take it on time and happened to be at the right time in my cycle I think...

I don't want to stop now, as I want to be able to have a lots of lovely prosecco at the wedding wine

MmmMalbec Thu 04-Aug-16 07:58:03

Ah I've never been on the mini pill so I don't know how that works! If you don't think there's an issue with cycle regulating then just do as you planned and wait until after your wedding!

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