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Conceiving after Mierna coil??

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sambam26 Wed 03-Aug-16 10:55:55

Hi all looking to get some advice has anyone managed to conceive after
Having coil removed? And got your Cycles back to normal???

Lexilooo Wed 03-Aug-16 11:26:01

I'm interested in this too wondering how soon I should have my coil out if I am looking to ttc starting in December.

I'm worried about delaying too long as I am older but can't risk getting pregnant before I am entitled to full maternity at work.

ginandcake Wed 03-Aug-16 13:47:01

Hi, the first ime I had my mirena out in 2014 I conceived within a month, never had a period so obviously ovulated just before or after it came out.

Had another put in after I had DD2 which was removed in May. Still no luck yet but my cycle did return to pretty much normal straight away.

In theory your fertility is not affected by the mirena and you can conceive as soon as it is taken out.

Writerwannabe83 Wed 03-Aug-16 16:08:59

After my first Mirena removal I conceived about 5 weeks later and following the removal of my second Mirena I conceived three weeks later.

I still had regular periods whilst my Mirena was in place (albeit lighter and shorter ones) so this may have helped matters in terms of how quickly I conceived.

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 16:24:07

I had mine out 27th June had a period for 5 days sure I ovulated as had positive tests and faint lines on HPT but not pregnant had all they cramps etc but no period yet so don't know what's going on trying for baby no 2

Bawbles Wed 03-Aug-16 16:39:02

Mine came out last week, not had period yet but lots of early pregnancy signs. I'm confused as it's probably just my hormones adjusting.
I've just started testing with opk sai hopefully will get a better idea what's going on with my cycle.
I'll be gutted if I've caught within the first few days - wasn't expecting anything for a while due to being on hormones for 10 years

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 17:20:43

Hoping I get period soon so I can get back to normal so know when I can try

Jodders Wed 03-Aug-16 17:46:20

I got my Mirena removed on 23rd March. I waited a 6 weeks before I had a period and I convinced myself so many times I was pregnant. I then had a period again 27 days later at the end of May and found out I was pregnant in June. When I went though for a scan due to some spotting I wasn't 6 weeks as I thought I was 9 weeks pregnant and the "period" I had in May must have been when I was pregnant?!! I didn't have periods while on the Mirena.

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 17:49:53

I didn't get the bleeding while on it too just got the cramps round about the time of my cycle I've had it out for 5 weeks but I had a period after it was out for 5 days so wondering when it's going to come so I can try X

Jodders Wed 03-Aug-16 17:54:57

Sounds like you just have to be patient as your body is adjusting. The "symptoms" drove me crazy but as I said I was pregnant in May and it just got removed in March so relatively quickly.

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 17:58:37

Hoping won't be that long fingers crossed

Muskateersmummy Wed 03-Aug-16 17:59:38

I had a horrendous time, my periods had to be medically restarted, as I was not ever showing ovulation with sticks, no periods, no positive opk's or pregnancy kits. Was referred to the infertility clinic. Took about 3 months for them to get the periods back, then several months of trying, was about to start clomid treatment when I Concieve and miscarried. Eventually got pregnant 18 months after it was removed. It's very common for mirena to mess up your cycles for a significant period

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 18:02:59

I really hope not my doctor said cause it was the hormonal one shouldn't really affect anything it took me 18 months to conceive on the depo but I had a period two days after it was out and wasn't spotting was proper for 5 days so maybe I am late as getting so stressed with it all X

MummyBtothree Wed 03-Aug-16 18:03:47

I got pregnant with my first two boys more or less straight away, I was very fortunate. After having my first Mirena coil removed it took me about 16 months to conceive. My periods didn't start again for about 6 months.

Muskateersmummy Wed 03-Aug-16 18:06:49

Yep I was told that too until I went to the fertility clinic who see lots of women in my shoes. Hopefully you will be lucky, but mirena is still a hormonal contraception so can interfere with your cycle. I hope you have a less difficult journey than me. I just wanted to let you know it's not always simple.

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 18:13:52

Yeh I am more positive cause I had a period after it was out so I'll give it some time before I get checked took me about 9 months to get period after depo so hoping won't take that long X

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Wed 03-Aug-16 18:28:02

My dh and I had sex about 4 or 5 days prior to a smear where I told doc I wasn't happy with coil and would be going to nurse to get it removed. He offered to remove it then with no question of how long since we'd had sex. Removing mirena made me ovulate whereupon I became pregnant. Obv didn't know, took pill and my meds for a whole month. Was very surprised the following month! My dh maintains I should contact the doc for maintenance payments as technically he made me pregnant grin

sillibillie Wed 03-Aug-16 18:30:30

Was pregnant with twins 3 weeks after mine came out

sam26x Wed 03-Aug-16 18:36:14

Wow! Fingers crossed :D just need to see how i go trying not to stress to much as it'll happen when it's meant to X

lousylear Wed 03-Aug-16 23:42:51

I had mine out 10 days ago. Bled for 3 days. Now getting lots of pg symptoms but I think it's just my body adjusting. Really hoping I get pg soon though as I'm 41. My bleeding was light so not sure if it even counts as AF.

sam26x Fri 05-Aug-16 20:31:02

So got my AF after 10 days late and CP when am I most likely to ovulate? Xx

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