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late and impatient

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DannielleVictoria Tue 02-Aug-16 00:44:52

So roughly for the last 9 months my partner and I have been trying to conceive so I have been keeping a eagle eye on any changes in my cycle (my last few cycles have been 26-28 days) I got my period on the 1st of June, 15 days later (8 days after my period ended) I noticed I had some brown tinged discharge when I wiped so I decided to use a tampon as I didn't have the time to keep going to the loo and wiping! A few hours later I checked the tampon and noticed it was quite dry but at the very tip the were a tiny streak of red blood. 2 days later the discharge has stopped and there were no more blood, so I just put it down to my body's way of clearing out any 'old blood' from my previous period. The day I was expecting my period to come, I noticed I started with thrush and my nipples became quite tender plus I had a loss of appetite... Not something I get often at all, I'm now on day 32 of my cycle and there's still no sign of a period, not a single cramp! Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't want to take a test too early and face disappointment

lousylear Tue 02-Aug-16 07:59:53

You can test now if you are late. Do it now!

danigrace Tue 02-Aug-16 08:53:36

Take a test Danielle!! You may well get your BFP!! Fingers crossed

MagpieCursedTea Tue 02-Aug-16 08:55:01

Test! Good luck!

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