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Need thoughts on my AF?

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haveacupoftea Mon 01-Aug-16 19:38:29

Hiya just wondering if anyone might have experienced this. I normall ov around cd 18. Confirmed ov with opks at day 19 last month.

Had a few squinters but sure enough AF appears 13dpo. Now nornally my cycle is 2 days of heavy flow, one day of medium. Even throughout growing a dermoid cyst and having a tube and ovary removed my cycle remained consistent.

This month I had one day of spotting, 2 days of light flow (spotting on a liner but a good bit of bright red when I wiped), 3 days of spotting brown.

Then I had sex and had 24 hours of pink spotting after. 7 days in total and finally yesterday it stopped. Until just now I went for a wee and on my toilet roll was loads of brown tinged ewcm???

I am on CD 8 now so not due to ov for another 10 days. I took an hpt on morning of Cd1 before the spotting, yesterday and this morning and all BFN so i know i'm not pregnant. I have a bit of cramping and pulling like AF pains though sad

Sorry...long story...but this is really unusual for me and I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar?

physicskate Mon 01-Aug-16 20:09:48

Could it have been a by-product of dtd - sorry to be rude, but semen? The two are often confused.

You might have had a chemical pregnancy, which might change your cycle or AF...

But some of this stuff is just a mystery!

danigrace Tue 02-Aug-16 09:07:29

I agree you may have had a chemical which may have sent this months cycle a bit skew whiff. Hopefully next month will all be back to normal, try not to worry, just keep chilled and keep on dtd!!

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