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past Af

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user1468173727 Thu 28-Jul-16 13:49:30

Af was due 2 days ago. Really tender boobs. No cramping. Took a hpt last and was bfn. 28 day cycle usually. Anyone have any ideas what's going on?

user1468173727 Thu 28-Jul-16 16:39:37

Anyone ?

Maybebabybee Thu 28-Jul-16 16:40:40

You may have ovulated late. Give it a few days and test again?

MmmMalbec Thu 28-Jul-16 18:45:08

Agree with PP. If you're not tracking ovulation you probably just ovulated late. Hopefully you'll still get your bfp though! Good luck!

user1468173727 Fri 29-Jul-16 11:18:49

Bfn again this morning confused

Maybebabybee Fri 29-Jul-16 11:38:50

What tests are you using?

user1468173727 Fri 29-Jul-16 11:44:36

Just the cheap ones from the local shop. Do you think I should be using brand ones

orangebird69 Fri 29-Jul-16 11:45:40

Get a pink dye test. You're not out until AF is in. I didn't get my bfp until 6 days overdue.

Maybebabybee Fri 29-Jul-16 11:50:26

I would get a FRER. I got negatives for ages on cheap tests and a big strong line on a FRER.

user1468173727 Fri 29-Jul-16 11:56:46

I will get one today and update

user1468173727 Fri 29-Jul-16 11:58:39

Am I better using it tomorrow morning or doesn't it matter as I'm 3 days past af

Maybebabybee Fri 29-Jul-16 12:09:50

Personally I don't think it matters. I actually used to get stronger lines in the afternoon. If you don't drink for a couple of hours your wee will be more concentrated.

user1468173727 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:49:16

I did frer and still bfn

AliceScarlett Sat 30-Jul-16 09:50:15

Periods are not an exact science. Hope you are get your BFP soon though.

user1468173727 Sat 30-Jul-16 11:00:36

This is from today

orangebird69 Sat 30-Jul-16 11:10:47

I see a line!

Maybebabybee Sat 30-Jul-16 11:40:22

Definitely see a line! Try again tomorrow. My guess is you ovulated late.

user1468173727 Sat 30-Jul-16 11:43:57

I got a strong line on opk on 17th and period was due 26th

drinkyourmilk Sat 30-Jul-16 11:46:50

Take a clear blue - says it in words. I think I can see a very feint line though.

MmmMalbec Sat 30-Jul-16 12:00:19

I don't think you'd get a positive on a clear blue digi based on that test. I'd wait a few more days and try and FRER?

user1468173727 Sat 30-Jul-16 14:59:15

Full on Af now

physicskate Sat 30-Jul-16 18:39:46

A 9 day LP usually? It might be that you want to consult a GP... a short LP could reduce the change of implantation...

Sorry it's not a BFP in the end. Hope you get what you want soon!

drinkyourmilk Sat 30-Jul-16 19:44:32

Sorry to hear that user. flowers

user1468173727 Sat 30-Jul-16 21:33:04

Af isn't usually this light. I've had no bleeding since last posted on here. I generally thought it was Af but I'm not so sure now confused

MmmMalbec Sun 31-Jul-16 07:27:58

I'd wait a few days. I've had a couple of months where AF starts off very light spotting and then starts properly in a few days. However this did also happen when I was pregnant and AF just didn't start and the spotting stopped! You'll know either way in a few days. Good luck!

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