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9dpo & crampy

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jaffacakes16 Thu 28-Jul-16 12:22:07

9 dpo and I'm getting cramps, due Monday. I reckon that's me out for this month, this is how I feel when af is coming sad

Have managed not to pee on any sticks this month trying to wait till Monday but it's so hard!

Anyone else around 9dpo and counting down?

BestBeastie Thu 28-Jul-16 13:41:50

I feel your slow torture pain. 8dpo (or at least 8dp smiley face) and cd22. Had very clear symptoms with DS and knew I was even before I tested. Got a clear positive 4 days before period due, which I think was 11 dpo.
So I know I'm not pregnant. Still can't help getting myself wound up. Last few cycles Af got me before I managed to test. Might try to do one in the next day or two so I don't miss out on the poas fun.grin

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