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Advice after miscarriage

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Glitterbug76 Wed 27-Jul-16 21:04:49

Hiya guys, had a miscarriage recently and been back the gp as needed a referral to the consultant as I was prescribed clomid and when I got pregnant as I had only had the second lot I was advised to get rid of the rest of medication, my gp has told me today that I should never have had the medication in the first place as I didn't meet the criteria. I did say to her that I feel more upset about mc as basically it was a mistake to have been prescribed clomid in the first place !! I know my hormones are every where and I still don't feel 100% but was hoping to have a holiday and try again I just keep thinking it's taken me a year to even get pregnant and I should just agree with gp and leave it I do have a dd who's 5 and my world just feel so so low lost my mother in law at Xmas and my sister in law has a learning difficulties and we been looking after her thanks for reading my post xxx

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 21:19:42

Glitter, I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. I have also had one and I know they are so upsetting. I was also prescribed clomid but have now had 2 children naturally.

do you mind me asking how old you are?

Is it because you already have a child that she said you don't meet the criteria?

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 21:20:52

I wanted to say as well that I am so sorry about what you are going through with family members needing help and bereavement too. Do you think you need to see the GP to get some help?

Glitterbug76 Wed 27-Jul-16 21:35:43

Ahh it's so lovely of you to reply 😘 I'm 39 and have a child that what she said when she went over ccg guidence the other week then she said she would speak to one of the partners at the practice who said no to re referal I had been prescribed metformin 1 year ago to regulate my periods as I have pcos and fibroids I was then reffured to another consultant who put me on clomid at Xmas I took the prescription to the gp who issued it !! After 2 rounds got pregnant so I just feel like giving up got no energy to fight said to my gp today I can get it off net !!! I've been assessed as being okay to have it. I've rang the consultants receptionist who's been lovely she's speakin to the consultant my hubby said he was going to ring the gp, just feels like a battle xxx

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 21:46:44

I was told the same - that if we needed clomid for baby 2 we were going to have to pay. I have pros too. Luckily in the end I got pg naturally and I was 39 when I got of too btw. I think speaking to consultants secretary and seeing if you can see consultant again is a very good idea. Another option might be to see if you can see consultant privately but that might not be an option I know. Sending you some un mn hugs.

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 21:47:26

Of? I mean I was 39 when I got pg and I had been told I was v unlikely to get pg naturally.

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 21:48:36

And isn't there some statistic that if you've just mc you are slightly more likely to get pg? Sure I read that somewhere. We got pg naturally 4 months after my mc in the end.

Glitterbug76 Wed 27-Jul-16 21:57:39

Thank you for taking the time to reply it means a lot , I think I need time out on holiday to get my head straight funnily enough I had a little tugging in my tummy the other day and I thought wander if I'm ovulating ! Never had it before, my doctors are going bloody hate me !! The consultants secretary told my gp before he would prescribe clomid they would have to send Dh for sperm test which when I asked they refused but she told em off !!

Crasterwaves Wed 27-Jul-16 22:51:38

I think a holiday sounds like a very good plan. I did lots of crying, went away, drank wine, ate pate etc then came back, got cycle back and actually got pg naturally. That could well have been ov pain! I only ovulate around 4 -5 times a year and I still got pg naturally twice (by charting and focus sing like mad on the key days). You never know and I will be thinking of you.

Sending some un mn hugs again and best wishes for a good night's sleep.

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