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TTC .. After late miscarriage

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Sophiehfz2805 Wed 27-Jul-16 11:28:22

Hi, i just wanted to join because i'm so confused right now whats going on. I had a late miscarriage in the end of may (28th) and i was 19+1weeks pregnant. After it all happened i bled around 1 week and 5/6 days. Once that stopped i then got my period around 3rd july-8th july. As soon as i came off i showered and me and DH did the deed lol, on the 8th, 9th aswell i think and then the 11th. About 4/5 days after that i got like a tint of light pink then light brown discharge type. Is that normal? Its never happened before so i was wondering can that be implantation bleeding so early as i could've ovulated any time? Im now 6 days away from my period and for the past week i've been having a few pulling pain around belly button and also lower abdominal dull aches which last 2-3 seconds and about 2 times a day. Not everyday though only about 3 days its happened. It felt like what i had before i found out last time i was preg but that one woke me up in the night and lasted much longer than 2-3 seconds. It was the same pain though. I have also been feeling so tired and drained like i cant be bothered doing anything, creamy CF, moodiness, hungry, needing to wee a lot more and back ache and gassy!! And bowel movement alot of the time which hardly happens with me!! Also i never have ever got period symptoms before like some people do, so i dont think it would be any different for this month to get them?

Someone please help because im in two minds. I so badly want to be pregnant again i just wish wish wish i am. I dont wanna get my hopes up but i just want some answers. X

danigrace Wed 27-Jul-16 20:12:16

Hi Sophie, so so sorry for your loss flowers. Hopefully you are pg - implantation bleeding is quite common. Fingers crossed for your BFP in a few days time!

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