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42 and no idea what is going on.can anyone help.

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Everincreasingirth Mon 25-Jul-16 18:52:39

Hi, so around Six weeks ago i had a miscarriage at eight weeks. We have decided that despite the pain it caused and even though i have just turned 42 we would very much like to try again for a much wanted baby though know the odds may be against us. So once the bleeding stopped we started trying and was surprised that around for weeks after miscarriage i got a very faint positive pregnancy test result. Unfortunately AF came a couple of days later so i am assuming this was a chemical pregnancy. . I started to use the ovulation prediction tests (digital one) on day 7 of cycle. Got one day of an empty circle and then a flashing smile which lasted two days . Unfortunately i then dropped the thing down the loo whilst trying to negotiate poas and changing loo roll with other hand ( i know- hindsight is a wonderful thing) so i bought another one and since starting to use it i have only had empty circles again. I am now on day 11 of my cycle. ... i am so confused! ! I can't have ovulated already but why did i get the flashing smiling face and now nothing. I have no idea when to dtd . Have tried the every night thing but honestly i dint know how anyone can manage that- in fact when i got the first empty circle with the new test it felt like a holiday to have a night where could just go stair to sleep. I am now getting concerned that i am still getting empty circles. ... sorry for rant. I hoped that by writing it down it would all become clear but it hasn't. Any help greatly received .

EsmeraldaEllaBella Mon 25-Jul-16 20:24:24

Not sure it'll work this cycle as I think they need you to start testing a day or two before the change in hormones in order to detect that there's been a change iyswim. That's how I understand it anyway

Best wishes

delilahbucket Tue 26-Jul-16 08:11:44

I've not used the digital ones but I do use the cheap sticks and I usually get a positive two days and then one day before I ovulate. I also temp so I can confirm ovulation. This cycle I didn't get a positive at all so must have missed the surge, but I know I ovulated because of my temps.
It is possible you ovulated early (depending on your normal cycle length). It could be that your body attempted it but didn't follow through. Your cycle is probably still not right after mc and if you have also had a cp that won't have helped.
If in doubt dtd every other day.

daisydalrymple Tue 26-Jul-16 08:20:27

Sorry for your loss. I have no idea about the kits, but just wanted to say I had an mmc at 41, then had dc3 at 43. Very best wishes and fingers crossed for a bfp and healthy pregnancy soon.

(Have you seen the ttc over 40+ thread? Lovely ladies on there)

Everincreasingirth Tue 26-Jul-16 17:25:58

Thank you for your answers. . Still confused as this morning got a static smile with no flashing face between our and the empty circle. . We dtd last night but now (as partner away) won't be able to try again until Thursday or even maybe fri night which i think will be too late for this month if the static smile is correct. ..... never thought it would be this complicated

delilahbucket Wed 27-Jul-16 08:04:17

Sperm can live up to five days in the right conditions so don't worry if you can't dtd every other day. I personally would be ditching the kit you have. It sounds like it is causing you unnecessary stress which will delay ovulation.

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