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12DPO AF due in couple of days imagining lines 😩

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LauraK1987 Mon 25-Jul-16 12:24:37

Hi ladies,

This is 4th cycle ttc #2 I'm 12DPO and AF is due in next couple of days. I caved today and tested FMU with SuperDrug early detection and got BFN I've given myself line eye trying to squint for something lol been holding the stick this way and that and up to the light ect hoping to see something but nada!!!! I think I may be out of the game this month....only symptom I have is sore breasts but I get that with AF anyway....nothing else to signal either pregnancy or AF at the moment. I know I shouldn't give up hoping till AF is here but I just have a feeling that I'm out! Blah!

MmmMalbec Mon 25-Jul-16 18:35:40

Hard work isn't it! I'm also TTC2 and pretty sure AF will be here tomorrow. I naively thought it would be easy to get pregnant the second time but since we started TTC 3 months ago I've had no end of problems with AF angry

Hope you're wrong about AF coming!

LauraK1987 Mon 25-Jul-16 23:07:58

I thought it would be really easy too! I had no idea how much was involved, tracking ovulation, temperatures, cm etc! I hope I'm
Wrong too but we'll have to wait and see! I hate the waiting and then when your period comes and you have to go through the whole thing for another month, it's a nightmare ha! Fingers crossed you get good news soon!

MmmMalbec Tue 26-Jul-16 06:25:54

I know exactly. I can live with not conceiving but I hate the thought of having to go through another TWW!! I was much better this month but the first month I was bloody crazy!!

How old is your child?

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 08:29:39

He's 4, I was quite relaxed about it the first couple of months but now we're 4 months in its starting to drive me mad!

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 08:31:32

Any little twinge in my tummy and I'm convinced it AF coming, should be today or tomorrow

ahsan Tue 26-Jul-16 15:36:20

Could you not show us the test grin

MmmMalbec Tue 26-Jul-16 17:22:14

Hope it's your month then!

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:10:22

They're 100% BFN's! The top one I've done just now but my wee was practically clear so obviously very hydrated lol! Been feeling nauseas from late afternoon but not sure whether to think anything of it. AF is due tomorrow and any little ache or twinge has me thinking "oh here it comes"

user1466632763 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:25:59

Hi ladies

Please can I borrow your eyes?

Am I seeing things?? Is it pink enough? I should be due Thursday or Friday.

I tested at lunch today.

user1468417669 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:35:51

I can see the faintest of lines!! wait a few more days and re test xxx

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:41:26

Can you really? I can't see a thing! I could see a faint one on yours without even having to click on the picture!

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:44:24

Oh sorry I thought you were talking about mine haha your usernames are very similar!

user1466632763 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:52:14

Haha sorry Laura! When is AF due?

I don't know when I should test again... I've been testing for the last week as my symptoms have been crazy
Hoped it would of got stronger by now.

LauraK1987 Tue 26-Jul-16 20:02:44

AF is due tomorrow based on me having a 28day cycle last month. Although the cycle before was 32 or 33 days so hoping for tomorrow so I'm not left in horrible BFN induced limbo! I've felt slightly naseuas all afternoon and my chest is very veiny but other than that no reason to think it has happened this month, keep getting mild twinges in my tummy which makes me think AF is on its way, I usually get really painful cramps a few hrs before so thinking it may come in the night. I'll be gutted if it does but what can you do?

ahsan Tue 26-Jul-16 20:53:56

I see a very light line user. Test again at a lighter date

ahsan Tue 26-Jul-16 20:54:26

Later sorry smile

LauraK1987 Thu 28-Jul-16 20:03:00

So I'm starting to think I ovulated late, 2 days late for AF and tests still showing BFN so annoying!!

AliceScarlett Fri 29-Jul-16 14:35:53

Tell me about it, I poaOPK this morning as didn't want to waste a test.... Because I know it will be a bfn.

user1466632763 Fri 29-Jul-16 14:52:49

AF showed up yesterday for me!

I've been in hospital with terrible pregnancy symptoms and tummy pains...

But turns out my body is still feeling a little prego after chemical last cycle...

Not feeling at all pregnant now sad

Don't know when to try again.

I think partner will be away whilst I'm ovulating this cycle. So may wait a few months before trying again. sad

LauraK1987 Fri 29-Jul-16 16:53:29

Oh that's awful, hope you're feeling better soon! This Ttc stuff is so bloody draining emotionally isn't it! Maybe take it wasy this month and dtd when you feel like it? If you're prepared for missing fertile window then maybe just enjoy being a bit more relaxed? My AF showed up this afternoon and I've been in agony with period pains so feeling very sorry for myself! We're away on holiday during my next fertile window so hoping lots of sun, sea and alcohol will relax me and take my mind off of "trying" if that makes sense

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