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Could I be pregnant, PLEASE HELP ME OUT?

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BambiLou Mon 25-Jul-16 01:42:35

27th June
1st July

4th July, 4am

Morning After:
5th July, 1:30pm - 33.5 hours after

Can occur within a few hours or days

Implantation Bleeding:
9th July
12th July

8th July
12th July

Symptoms I have experienced:
MAJOR Irritability and getting extremely angry
Implantation bleeding
Mild back ache
Mild head aches
Mild nausea
Milky discharge
Feeling hungry but can barely eat
One bout of heartburn

Could someone help me out here? When should I get a test and should I even bother? I am freaking out so much and this is causing so much strain on me and the other person involved. Was this just the MAP? Has anyone who's pregnant experienced this?

BambiLou Mon 25-Jul-16 01:43:44

(I know the bleeding could be from the tablet however due to dates I thought it could be IB)

quicklydecides Mon 25-Jul-16 02:06:02

You could be pregnant.
You almost certainly are not.
You know what you could do,
And I know this might sound crazy,
But how about,
You DO A TEST...

Lillygolightly Mon 25-Jul-16 02:08:02

Yes I agree pee on a stick!

BambiLou Mon 25-Jul-16 02:57:28

Sorry, I know it's ridiculous but I'm just looking for some reassurance. How early can you do one?

ahsan Mon 25-Jul-16 11:21:30

12 DPO but I recommend you use a first response pregnancy test.

ahsan Mon 25-Jul-16 11:24:49

You can test tomorrow morning and find out as your more then 12 days past ovulation. Plus looking at your dates if your a 28 day cycle your period is properly due tomorrow or this week

Junosmum Tue 26-Jul-16 10:49:22

Yeah, do a test today. A pink dye one, such as first response or superdrug own.

WellErrr Tue 26-Jul-16 10:52:23

Do a test.

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