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First time trying

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user1469343259 Sun 24-Jul-16 11:27:50

Hi, this is all quite new to me so looking for a little advice please. Looking to try for our first baby.. my period was 6 days late but always used protection so it definitely wasn't due to a pregnancy. I'm always a little all over the place. We started trying anyway as it wasn't showing up and I'm now 10 days late. Had the symptoms that it was on its way, but no show. Is it possible to get pregnant during this "late period time"? Thanks smile

Gpmg84 Sun 24-Jul-16 21:54:42

Hey I'm in the same boat! I am new to this too. I'm afraid I don't have any advice but would be keen to hear from other too! I have had the copper coil removed last month, periods always on time whilst I had the coil. I'm now 6 days late so I did pregnancy test - it was negative. Have you done a test? It might be that your body is just taking time to return to normal having come off contraception... Good luck!

user1469343259 Mon 25-Jul-16 06:11:56

Hi no I haven't done a test as we were using condoms before and were really careful. I think I will towards the end of the week if my period still doesn't show up, just in case..! Hoping someone will see this and have some good advice for us!

Writerwannabe83 Mon 25-Jul-16 07:35:38

Have you always just used condoms or have you recently just come off/stopped using other methods of contraception?

user1469343259 Mon 25-Jul-16 08:56:42

No always used them. That's why I'm at such a loss!

acdcfan Mon 25-Jul-16 09:18:24

I feel your pain! Was bleeding regularly at the end of my implant's life, got the thing taken out a few months ago... Nothing since and negative tests... I'm a bit lost...!

Gpmg84 Mon 25-Jul-16 09:47:49

I have read a few posts about this with the iud now... Have you been to your doctor? I think I'm going to speak to mine today and see if there is anything that can be done. It's so frustrating as I was told that one of the good things about the iud is that you are fertile straight after having it removed sad good luck and hope your cycles return to normal soon.

chaserubbleandskye Mon 25-Jul-16 09:51:35

If your always a little all over the place have you been checked for PCOS?

5tardusty Mon 25-Jul-16 10:02:24

I have always occasionally missed periods (maybe once per year) and have managed to concieve fairly easily.

If your period is late and you definitely aren't pregnant, it may be that you didn't ovulate this month. That can cause your period to arrive early or late.

You may also have ovulated later than normal.

How many days do your cycles vary by?

Beautifulstorm Mon 25-Jul-16 10:13:24

Gpmg mine was really later after removing the coil smile

user1469343259 Mon 25-Jul-16 10:28:32

It tends to vary from 33 days up to 40 something. Last period started 12 June. Such a pain to work anything out. I had all the symptoms of it arriving but nothing. I've now had sore and bigger boobs for days!

danigrace Mon 25-Jul-16 11:00:02

OP have you been tested for PCOS? I went to doc with similar symptoms and was tested and diagnosed with PCOS. Might not be the case with you but if you can identify/rule things out it might help you put a plan together xx

Gpmg84 Mon 25-Jul-16 11:06:32

Thanks Beautiful storm! did yours then return to normal? I have had the coil for so long 8 ish years that i can't really remember what my cycles were like before then!! I had eating disorders when I was younger and am now stressing that this has had a long term impact on my fertility. I spoke to my GP this morning and she said wait a couple of months (try to relax!!!) and if nothing then will do blood tests.

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