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In day 11 of OPK flashing smiley face - argh!

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Pyjamas81 Sat 23-Jul-16 12:43:54

Hi everyone - just wondering if anyone has had the same experience? I've been using the Clearblue digital dual hormone OPK test - last month I had a couple of days of high fertility before getting the static smiley face, this month I'm now on day 11 of the most annoying flashing smiley face in the world!

I've been using the cheap tests as well to double check and lines got darker but never positive and are now fainter. Does this definitely mean I didn't ovulate? I'm 35 and TTC#1, had Nexplanon implant for three years, got it removed in March, then went on the pill for a couple of months. Had two real AFs since coming off it - one cycle was 34 days and the next was 22 days.

Has this happened to anyone else and has anyone ever had a BFP despite not getting a 'peak' result? I'm carrying on testing just in case I ovulate later, can't hurt! Am on CD18.

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