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First period after MMC- lasting a very long time!

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TurquoiseDress Sat 23-Jul-16 08:12:38

I had a MMC last month & had medical management.

Got my period almost exactly a month after management- I was expecting the period from hell!

Instead, it's been fairly light/medium flow.

However, I'm on day 13 of this period (& my cycle I suppose), I would've thought it would have finished by now!

Over the last week I've kept being caught out a number of times as I thought it was finished- not been heavy, but annoying & definitely needing a pad or tampon.

very frustrating as we want to get on with TTC!

have no real idea re my cycles as I have both times fallen pregnant straight after coming off the pill so it's been a number of years since I had a 'normal' period.

Any ideas? would I still be ovulating over the next few days, despite the bleeding? (presuming a 28 day cycle)

thatsnotmybear Sat 23-Jul-16 19:39:15

Hi Turquoise, I'm sorry for your loss.

Did you have a scan or check-up after medical management to see if your uterus was clear? I'd be inclined to see my GP or contact the EPU with any ongoing bleeding, even if it's stopped and started again. You may have some retained products that your body is still trying to clear, but they should be able to tell you either way.

TurquoiseDress Sat 23-Jul-16 22:17:30

Hi thatsnotmybear

My local hospital doesn't do check up scans or bloods tests.

I was advised to do pregnancy test 3 weeks after treatment- this was negative and so I was advised that it was presumed to have worked.

Will keep any eye on it, I don't have any signs of infection or pain, but I'll contact the epu in a few days if it continues.

Feels like there has been so much wasted time already- first getting to almost 13 weeks but not really, then this not being quite right.

thatsnotmybear Sun 24-Jul-16 12:35:19

That's good that hpt is negative. I read that the first AF can be longer, or shorter, lighter or heavier - there seems to be a lot of variation on 'normal'. Mine was heavier with more cramps. I didn't have any follow-up either, just told to wait for AF (6 long weeks!)

Completely understand about wasted time, I had a mc in May and am now on 2nd cycle ttc again, and I think my body is still getting back on track. There are a few of us in same situation on the 'Positive opk after a miscarriage' thread if you want to join.

TurquoiseDress Mon 25-Jul-16 01:02:39

Thanks for that I will check out the thread!

My period now seems to be starting up properly (TMI- soaked a tampon in less than an hour this evening- have NEVER done this before!)

Since the MMC & management, long drawn out actual miscarriage, I'm so paranoid that I have an abundant supply of tampons, pads & panty liners permanently in my handbag.

Prior to all this, I was the woman who maybe had one half squashed tampon in her handbag.

Have always had light periods (on the pill) but hoping this is a one off post-miscarriage thing

thatsnotmybear Mon 25-Jul-16 13:51:39

I'm sure it is a one-off; my second AF after mc has been much lighter than the first. I'm still having some cramps and backache though, I hope that stops after this month?!

Are you thinking to go to your GP if AF doesn't stop within another week or so?

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