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PCO but not PCOS - TTC #1

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piraterach Sat 23-Jul-16 08:00:06

Just wanted your help in a WWYD sort of way. I had a transvaginal scan a few years ago that showed 12 cysts on my ovaries. Fast forward two years and now we're TTC #1.
I came off the pill in January and we started TTC in May. I thought I'd best as doc to check about PCOS as I haven't had AF since coming off the pill. Blood tests all came back fine but doc says obviously something isn't right or I would be having AF.
Doc says I can be referred to fertility clinic but must do a few other tests first.
I'm not sure if it's too early yet having only been trying for three months. Do I get the referral or keep DTD and hope we catch naturally? WWYD? (Sorry this post is so long confused)

Sunnydays321 Sat 23-Jul-16 09:32:33

Hi, I had a similar kind of story. Pco on scan but bloods normal. I came off the pill a few years ago and it took 10 months for period to return. This time I stopped pill it took 3-4 months for period to return (I took Angus castus this time to try to restart periods... Don't know if it worked or if it was just fluke but period did return about 4 weeks after I started). Once it was back cycle was really irregular, 5-8 weeks. Not sure I ovulated every cycle. I used opks, which I know don't work for everyone with pcos but they did work for me. And did my temp to pinpoint ovulation. This really helped me because whilst I know dtd every other day and being relaxed is the ideal approach... But I just couldn't maintain dtd every day/every other day for whole 8 week cycles!! It allowed me to focus more on the time around ovulation. If you try agnus castus it has to be quite a high dose, you can't buy it in shops, have to buy on Amazon. 1000-2000mg/day. I also tried inositol which is supposed to help with Pcos. It took us 6 months of trying (we didn't start until 1st period back, so about 9-10 months after I stopped pill) and I'm now 20 weeks pregnant.

You can get pregnant before period returns, as you usually ovulate about two weeks before period. But you probably won't benefit much from charting temp/opk until 1st period back as it could be a frustrating wait. It doesn't hurt to get a referral and an opinion. Good luck, feel free to message of you have any questions x

piraterach Sat 23-Jul-16 13:04:01

Thanks sunny. Congratulations flowers. Glad to hear I'm not the only one and that you're pregnant! I've put my Amazon order for Angus castus already so fingers crossed it works for me too! smile

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