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Strong symptoms 2 days PO, mucus plug-like discharge, VERY short cycle?

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KWiseSpencer Fri 22-Jul-16 12:35:46

Hi all!

I have trawled through all the similar threads but have not found anything specific to my issues:

—Usual cycle is very short at 23 days (last period July 7–11)
—Had unprotected sex 1 day BEFORE ovulation (July 16), and ON ovulation day (July 17, confirmed with clearblue digital)
—I'm now 5 days PO but I started getting symptoms just 1 DAY PO...way too soon?
—Thick rubbery discharge 2 days PO and today, is this mucus plug? I've never had this before
—Voracious apetite the last 3-4 days, cramps, terrible lower back pain especially upon waking, extreme fatigue, water retention like a camel. Period now due for 2 weeks so too early for period symptoms and I don't usually get any except water retention

So what I'm asking is, is this all completely psychosomatic?

I know it takes at least 6 days PO for implantation to happen, and before that there's no way all these symptoms could be related, is that right? Could my body know I'm already/going to be pregnant?

I can take a First Response pregnancy test next week (July 27) as that is 6 days before my predicted next period, but because my cycle is so short could I take it even earlier? Does the super short cycle have any bearing on how quickly I can implant? I feel different, but I feel like that's because I want this to happen lol.

Any advice or stories much appreciated

delilahbucket Fri 22-Jul-16 14:03:40

It's just progesterone causing your "symptoms". Your cycle length doesn't affect how quickly you implant. From the sound of it your luteal phase is two weeks which is normal so you will follow the usual 6-12 days after ovulation implantation rule. You are probably just experiencing a heightened sense of what is going on with your body because you are ttc. Perfectly normal. There is not a chance your body will know if an egg has been fertilised at this stage.

KWiseSpencer Fri 22-Jul-16 14:13:56

@delilahbucket Yes I thought so, I think I'm just being oversensitive smile Thanks for the reality check! I will update this in a few days, hopefully with a positive test

K x

delilahbucket Fri 22-Jul-16 18:21:51

It happens to us all. Good luck x

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