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6-7 days po spotting or something more sinister

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MrsS82 Thu 21-Jul-16 23:20:41

So first month TTC no2, DS is 21 months and was conceived second cycle, normal pregnancy, delivered by emergency section. Anyway regular 26 day cycle, used clear blue opk got flashing smiley 7 days in a row, dtd 4 times every second day this month.

I've had fairly mild pms style cramping since day 2, normally they're usually fairly painful since surgery. A few doses of morning nausea but not mayor and fairly bad fatigue like I can't get off the sofa. Day 4 had 2 minuscule spots of pinky brown on underwear then today day 6 had much larger spot followed by what can only be described as a watery brown looking stain. I've never to my recollection had anything like this before. Had no sickness or spitting with first pregnancy. Late Last night had a twinge just below right over, pubic bone area, that came and went for 3-4 minutes then again an hour later.

Could this be implantation bleeding or something more sinister? I'm in fairly good health so not sure what else this could relate to.

MmmMalbec Fri 22-Jul-16 07:36:56

I'm really not sure but the first few months I started TTC my cycles went haywire. I'd been having normal cycles since DS was born. But I've had really short luteal phases and last month I bled mid cycle. I've had some tests and nothing seems to be wrong officially so I've had to put it down to TTC related stress. Which is crazy! This is my third cycle so I'm hoping everything goes back to normal. The doctor said it's quite common! If I was you I'd just keep an eye on things and if it carries on maybe seen a doctor? Or wait and see what happens next month?

Sympathies though. TTC messes with your mind!

MrsS82 Fri 22-Jul-16 08:09:02

Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't say I'm particularly stressed about ttc, it's only first cycle however the wait does always end up with me symptom spotting. I had known fairly quickly with my DS so thought next time would be the same, if it hadn't been for the spotting I'd say I wasn't pregnant but it got me wondering. I'll call the surgery this morning and see if I can get an appointment, put my mind at rest.

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