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Feeling pregnant

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Shoney85 Thu 21-Jul-16 20:12:26

Evening ladies

I came of the pill in January had the usual bleed then didn't get anything till 21st June where I got my first period (thankfully) had a good idea it was coming as I thought I had ovulated due to sore boobs, cramps and egg white mucus. We began trying when I finished my period and have been pretty consistent for the last couple of weeks (on our honeymoon 😉) so period would be due today but nothing so far. However I have had the following symptoms: strong cramping down below, heartburn (which I never get), moody, strong sense of smell, heavy mucus (underwear was getting it yesterday), felt pretty nautious yesterday and today sore boobs and nipples (left mostly). I took a pregnancy test yesterday evening but nothing. I drink a lot of water each day so potential to dilute. Because I'm not regular don't know what to think. Anyone had similar symptoms? I would love to be pregnant but frustrating not knowing, wish the test was positive or my period would come so I can be certain. Thanks guys. It's nice to be able to share my feelings here as keeping things on the quiet so can't really talk to anyone.

LauraK1987 Thu 21-Jul-16 21:01:32

Hi Shoney,

If I where you I'd test again in a few days if you haven't had your period by then. The wait is awful I know but it's better than testing too early and driving yourself mad with negative results but no period leaves you in a weird kind of limbo! Try wait it out as long as possible (easier said than done I know!) if you get your period in the meantime don't be too disheartened, stay positive (excuse the pun lol) and go again next month 😉! Fingers crossed you get the result you want x

Mummynay1992 Thu 21-Jul-16 21:14:42

Heyy im in the same boat, i slept for 3hours today which isnt normal for me as i have 3kids to look after, had cramping a few days ago and it stopped, my nipples are really sensitive and i have visable veins which has never happened before, i have white cm and its marking my underwear, increase in wanting to eat, snappint at the littlest things x but getting negative tests, im not sure when im due on , over the weekend i know that much x sending you lots of babydust x

MmmMalbec Fri 22-Jul-16 05:52:14

I had some crazy cycles coming off the pill. I had one where I had all the fertile signs so when AF didn't arrive 14 days later I was convinced I was pregnant. I even had loads of pregnancy symptoms. But it was just my body going crazy and I didn't have a period until day 56 angry I was so so annoyed so after that I started temping. Fortunately my cycles went back to normal after that and I got pregnant on the second one. Really hope it's not the case for you but it can take a while for hormones to regulate again.

Good luck smile

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